3 Best Seasonal Wiper Blades: BOSCH

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Bosch wiper blades are regarded as one of pioneers in providing the best performance in all weather conditions, even in the strong atmospheric pressure. Nowadays, the beam wiper blades are taken as the best wiper blades to be bought.

Although conventional style wiper blades, which have a spring-tensioned frame, tend to be better, the beam wiper blades are still preferred because they maintain an even pressure on all sides of today’s curved windshields.

As a result, most experts and companies suggest buying a beam wiper blade instead of conventional ones.

When they tell us about their advantages over beam wiper blades, it becomes quite clear to everyone that they should rather go with the beam ones.

With that being said, today we’ll discuss the most famous brand: Bosch; which has been producing wiper blades of all kinds – Conventional, Beam, and even Hybrid.

These reviews are based on the appraisal and assessment of so many people who have had experience with them. In the end, we’ll discuss the most common question asked by people with regard to wiper blades. So stay tuned.

Bosch Automotive Icon 26A18A – Beam

Bosch Icon includes the blades both for driver and passenger’s side in a 2-pack batch. This is mainly because if you find that one of your car’s wiper blades needs replacement, it’s buddy might not be far enough. Therefore, it’s of much convenience to replace both of them at once, so you might be saved from any trouble later on. 

Bosch Automotive ICON Wiper Blades 26A18A

It’s worth mentioning that the beam wiper blades tend to do better than other wipers because their ultra design regulates enhanced wiping performance in all weather conditions, even harsh climate situations. It doesn’t even build-up ice on the windshield, which is a common issue most people want to avoid when buying wiper blades. A person who bought these wiper blades complimented that these wiper blades were more expensive than Rain-X Latitude, but it’s worth it when there are no marks on the windshield, and all the water is wiped off. 

As these wiper blades have been designed with minimal use of metal, they tend to be quieter, which means no operational irritating sounds. Another great benefit of beam wiper blades is that it exerts an equal amount of pressure on all the sides. This helps in wiping the debris or dirt off easily even if the windshield is curved styled. Generally, nowadays, vehicles tend to have curved windshields, so it’s better to have that wiper which fits adequately on your windscreen.

Moreover, for those who have been frustrated by the wiper blades that tend to deteriorate over time, and eventually perform poorly would love to hear that it has been tested to last 40% more than other wipers. This is particularly due to the resistible rubber, which is capable of resisting severe heat in summers. 

Bosch Icon 26A – Beam

Bosch Icon 26A is another solid choice for people who trust that Amazon’s choice will never be wrong. It has been promoted to be among Amazon’s favourite list, and that’s why it’s here. Usually, you’ll see this being recommended by everyone because this has been bought by many people worldwide. Although, Bosch Icon 26A18A didn’t get a chance to be among the favorites, but relying on reviews people had, it seems like a fortune why Bosch Icon 26A has become so popular.

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade

The reason why fortune hit it may be because of the patented beam design, which probably everyone likes be it anyone. The flexible spoiler of it distributes an equal amount of downward force against the windshield, even at high speed. 

These wipers are better in performance in wiping water from the windscreen that smears over your windshield. Moreover, it lasts longer than others, for instance, after being used for weeks, it showed no deterioration, smearing, or streaming, etc., at all. And, felt like they would work for a longer time than usual. It happened to one of the buyers who was impressed with it. 

These wiper blades are really long-term beneficial and increase the likelihood of not changing the wiper blades every few months or so. All those who had been buying cheaper wiper blades would love to see Bosch’s after effects in the long run. As a famous quote says, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”, by Benjamin Franklin. Therefore, buying cheaper wiper blades in response to saving a fewer buck may result in higher losses than expected. 

In addition to all the features it offers, it is extremely easy to install these wipers with quality hook adapters (9 x 3 & 9 x 4). Also, the connector of the wiper blades is hidden, which appears great and compliments the design as opposed to other open style wiper blades. 

Bosch Aerotwin – Conventional

Another greatly inspired wiper blade I would like to discuss is Bosch Aerotwin. If you would want to save a few bucks, and wouldn’t care about beam wiper blades, then among Bosch showcases, Aerotwin could be the best option to consider in this regard.

Bosch Aerotwin 3397007297 Original Equipment Replacement Wiper Blade - 24"/20" (Set of 2)

It’s also one of the best sellers on Amazon with an award of being rated by more than 14,000 people. I think that’s what most people like when they visit an online shopping store. When many people have had it, then obviously it would be something worth buying for.

Bosch Aerotwin has been tailored to perform extremely well in all weather conditions, providing a quiet judder-free, streak-free experience to the it’s patrons. Moreover, it provides a long service of life, which is far more than what ordinary wipers provide.

In response to the installment troubles, Aerotwin comes with a pre-mounted OE equivalent adapter, which makes placement easier and simple. If I’m not wrong, it would take you longer to turn the car’s ignition on and try them out than it would to install them.

The dual-rubbers of the blade have been engineered with graphite coating which make sure that the it doesn’t make noise, while operating and making the wiping homogeneous on all sides. So that your vision is not hindered while you drive your way to destinations you desire to go. 


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