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Fast Ethernet cables

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If any of you has ever gone to buy an Ethernet cable for any reason, you may have figured out that there are several different categories like Cat 5, Cat 6 … And not all of them are created equally. There are many aspects to consider when considering, which one should you be going after. 

So which one should you choose? Well, that’s an interesting question especially when you are thinking of limiting the lagging you facing while gaming. Whether you have a high power gaming PC, gaming console, or even a gaming laptop, etc., it doesn’t matter – perhaps maybe the fact is Wi-Fi’s fail as opposed to the wired Ethernet connection. 

The point is nothing should stop you from running after the enemy in Pubg, or any other active online game, where quick alert responses are needed intermittently. Not to mention, even casual or non-professional gamers, who only play games when they are off from studies or work, don’t want their online games to lag. 

That’s where Ethernet comes to play providing a reliable uninterrupted internet. Most importantly, the right Ethernet cable. 

Generally, Wifis these days tend to provide enough reliability on the internet, and there’s no other way to think of it. Nevertheless, all kinds of barriers and obstacles like walls, distance from the routers location, no. of people currently sharing etc., to a substantial extent affect the performance of the internet. 

As a result, the internet starts lagging which of course poses a detrimental affect on your online gaming experience. With wired (Ethernet) connections, however, these issues are at a minimal level, but not all of them are good for every network. For those wondering, every network has some specifications, which serves as a base to what Ethernet cable we should opt. In your case, it depends on the bandwidth you are consuming by your internet service provider (ISP).

Therefore, today we are going to consider the best options you should consider when buying an Ethernet cable – the best Ethernet cables. We have collected the best Ethernet cables category wise like a list of all Ethernet cables from category 8 (latest) following the list of category 7, and so on. 

The good news is that almost anyone of them you buy is going to work, but by keeping in view of the specification of your network, or in simple words the bandwidth (for households), you should opt for the one you find the most compatible while considering the price aspects. 

In short, the higher the category of Ethernet, the better is the performance, but for quality of cable, the brand matters the most.  

So without wasting anytime, let us have a look at some of the best options for Ethernet cables. 

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1. Wawpi’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 8

1. Wawpi's CAT 8 Ethernet Cable 100 ft, High Speed SSTP LAN RJ45 Cord, Internet Network UP for Router, Modem, Gaming, etc.

It’s one of the best Ethernet cables in the market with an incredible rating on amazon. Almost everyone who bought gave it a 5-star rating. But, nobody gave it a rating below 3 stars. That’s what speaks off its incredible quality of this cable. 

Of course, the price of this Ethernet cord would be higher than others due to the latest technology: Category 8. However, the price also depends on the length of the wire you purchase.

Suppose you purchased an Ethernet cord with a length of 10ft. then it’s going to be much cheaper than what you’ll spend for a cord of length feet 25. You can check the price of it on Amazon here.

It offers a high speed network line transmission, which is equivalent to an optical fiber. It enables the speed up to 40 Gbps (Gigabit per second) along with an incredible bandwidth of 2000 MHz (Million cycles per second).

The cable has been designed to work efficiently in the ruthless environment and a strong shield protects the wire from the bites of rats or pets in general.

It can work in extreme weather conditions (hot, humid or cold) seamlessly without interruption.

It’s a branded cable from Wawpi. People who replaced it with Cat 5 or Cat 5e noticed a considerable difference in terms of speed and found the connection more reliable.

Also, it shortened the time of downloads when a customer used it directly from the router to the Xbox. Therefore, I think a great product for gaming needs. 

2. Glanics’s Ethernet Cable – CAT 8

Another cable manufacturer ‘GLANICS’ hit the market with the latest Category 8 Ethernet cables, which are among the best Ethernet cords to buy.

They have also featured this cable to be a perfect fit for Routers, Modems, and most importantly gaming. The best part is almost everyone who bought these loved them, and you would believe that when you’ll see the customer’s reviews on Amazon. 

The price of this Ethernet cable is similar to what other manufacturers have portrayed with a slight twist that GLANICS features a wide variety of lengths from even 1 ft. to 100 ft.

So people who are only interested in a cable of a particular size could enjoy its benefits at a relatively lower cost than what they could have spent on buying longer cables. You can find this cable on Amazon here

GLANICS Cat 8 comprises 2000 MHz (Million Cycles Per Second) along with a supersonic speed up to 40 Gbps (Gigabit Per Second), which tends to be the same with every Cat 8.

It’s a shielded twisted pair (STP) cable that has been shielded with double aluminum foil along with a 24K gold plated RJ45 connectors on both sides. 

Again, it is compatible with a wide range of applications like Network Adapters, Routers, Switches, DSL, PS3, PS4, XBOX, etc.

To ensure minimal resistance transmission, PVC housing material covers the oxygen-free copper core.

Well, it’s because of the amazing customer rating, which is obvious from the buyers on Amazon. The best part is that you can always choose between various sizes ranging from 1ft to 100ft. It’s wonderful as you’ll buy the right size at cheaper rates.

3. Bifale’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 8

2. Bifale's Ethernet Cable - Cat 8

Bifale is also a brand people often overlook not because it doesn’t provide enough accessories but maybe because she is not that popular. Anyways, when it comes to manufacturing Ethernet cables, Bifale produces one of the most high-quality Ethernet cables. 

The Ethernet cable from Bifale would cost between $6-$150, depending on the length of the wire you purchase. You can find this Ethernet cable on Amazon here, but I would look forward to seeing what your best options are.

Complementing the reliability is an LSZH Jacket & Fluke tested allowing the consumers a real sense of satisfaction because of low smoke, less dangerous and less eroding behavior of the cable in times of fire hazards.

As you already know, Cat 8 is rated to offer a maximum of the bandwidth of 2000 MHz along with a maximum speed of 40 Gbps, meaning you can go with a speed of a rocket. The Snag less design can bear up to 30 lb of pull ensuring strong endurance.

The four twisted pairs of copper wires inside are wrapped separately with Aluminum foil with an 80% Aluminum braid. That’s because Cat 8 was created. It helps avoid cross talks or interference in signals you can say.

Befale is providing a free Life-Time warranty. If you feel any quality issue, you can replace or get the money back again.

Well, no one didn’t honor Bifale Ethernet cable below 5-star rating. With that being said, it’s really a great product at a reasonable price. It features fantastic speed, excellent quality and operates well. Furthermore, it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use like Routers, Adapters, Modems, Xbox, PS3, PS4, Laptops, etc. along with backward compatibility to older versions of Cat. 

4. Zosion’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 8

Zosion is another great company to consider when buying a Cat 8 Ethernet cable. Zosion has been lucky that it Cat 8 got the award of winning the Amazon’s Choice title.

This round Cat 8 Ethernet cable is also available in black and white colors. It’s also a great product for various network applications including gaming for PS3, PS4, XBOX, etc. 

The price of Zosion is comparatively higher than other cables, just a slight difference. Overall, it’s a great product to buy because of the 10 pack cable ties and clips. You can find this product on Amazon here.

Just like any other Ethernet cable with category 8, it offers bandwidth up to 2000 MHz with a transmission speed of up to 40 Gbps.

To feature the durability, it has been built with 26AWG standard, which as opposed to 32AWG is way thicker, faster, and more reliable.

As you know it’s a shielded twisted pair (STP) cable, the copper wires are 0.8mm thick PVC environmental material that is more flexible, anti-aging, and toughness.

The cable has been fluke tested and certified, meaning it has been carefully analyzed by experts under strict industrial standards (TIA 10G Patch Cord or Channel).

You should consider this cable not only because of winning the award of Amazon choice only but also on a free pack of 10 clips and ties for cable, which assists in keeping the cable stay protected and tied. 

5. DbillionDa’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 8

7. DbillionDa's Ethernet Cable - Cat 8

The DbillionDa’s Ethernet cables featuring water-proofing and Anti-UV are quite popular with an amazing rating. It has also earned the award of being in Amazon’s Choice, which depicts the overall profile of this Cat 8 Ethernet cable. Now, you might be thinking why we included it in our listing below. Well, that’s just because of the quality and also the fact that people rated those cables quite happily. 

The price of Cat 8 Ethernet cables is relatively expensive as opposed to the Cat 7 cables due to the technology Cat 8 houses. It usually costs around 10 bucks for 6 ft. of cord. You can check the current price of it on Amazon here

DbillionDa’s Cat 8 comprising 2000 MHz (Million Cycles Per Second) along with a supersonic speed up to 40 Gbps (Gigabit Per Second), which is the fastest speed achievable, can even satisfy the most demanding streamers.

The enhanced quality in twisting pairs as well as the shielding helps to avoid interference to the maximum extent achievable, which allows seamless streaming HD videos, playing games at hyper speed, etc. 

The cables characterize long data transmission with new versions of PVC, water-proofing, anti-erosion.

To favor the installation issues, it features flexibility and durability for heavy-duty operational demands.

All high rated networks require super quality Ethernet cables like Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon, Alexa, etc. Therefore, DbillionDa’s Ethernet cables are a lot faster in transferring data as compared to the 32 AWG Cat 8 Ethernet cables, which are less thicker than 26 AWG Ethernet cables like this one.

It has been designed to work efficiently and effectively in all sorts of weather conditions like humid, cold or hot, etc. 

You should buy DbillionDa’s Ethernet cable because you didn’t like the ones discussed above. Secondly, it has got quite a good rating, however, some people weren’t satisfied with it, but their ratio, when compared to happy customers, is quite low rather negligible. Moreover, this cable is an enhanced version and better than 32 AWG Cat 8 Ethernet cables.

Best Cat 7 Ethernet Cable For Gaming

1. Jadaol’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 7

3. Jadaol's Ethernet Cable - Cat 7

Jadaol’s Ethernet cables are one of the most popular products offering reliable connection to Routers, Switches, Modems, Servers, Network Printers, PS3, PS4, etc.

It consists of 4 shielded twisted pairs with two Rj45 connectors pre-attached on each side with 50-micron Gold-plated pins in each shield. 

Jadaol’s Ethernet cables are of premium quality, but the price is so less that almost everyone thinks of buying it.

You can get a 50ft. of Ethernet cord within a price range of $20-$25. You can check the current price on Amazon here. And, for people interested in 25 ft cable can find it on Amazon here.

Like other Cat 7 Ethernet cables, Jadaol’s cables feature standard performance up to 600 MHz (Million cycles per second), which means much higher bandwidth. For those of you who have been using Cat 6 would love it.

In addition to the bandwidth of 600 MHz, Jadaols can offer the maximum speed up to 10 Gbps (Gigabit per second). Like all other Ethernet cables, Jadaol’s Ethernet cables are backward compatible.

Unlike other brands only selling the cables, Jadaol’s Ethernet cable is bundled with mounting clips for your ease. Therefore, if you want them to stick anywhere on the wall, then it won’t be a problem. 

The Flat-cable design helps establish a cleaner installation by running smoothly under carpets, rugs or moving through corners, etc. 

First off, you shouldn’t be impressed by the Copper Clad Aluminum cables. Why? Copper affords higher tensile strength and conductivity than Aluminum. Moreover, Copper is much more expensive and performs better. It also has been fluke tested, which means meeting the requirements of your network. Last words, out of many people who bought it, found it considerably amazing.

2. Vandesail’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 7

5. Vandesail's Ethernet Cable - Cat 7

Although we listed quite a few of Cat 7 cables, it would be left incomplete if you didn’t include Vandesail Ethernet cable. It’s also a good option to consider since Vandesail Ethernet cables provide a reliable connection between Routers, Modems, Gaming (Xbox), etc.

Unlike all other popular Ethernet cables, Vandesail provides Flat-cable design like the one discussed for Jadaol’s. Flat-design is preferred over regular design for those who don’t want to see their wire running through the carpets.

The price of Vandesail Ethernet cables is quite a bit higher than normal ones. This may be because of the trust people have on Vandesail.

Anyways, there are several options in terms of length from 3ft. to 50ft., so depending upon your needs, you should go with the one that suits all your needs. You can find it on Amazon here.

It consists of a Unique design consisting of Rj45 connector on both sides with PVC housing material, which protects the core copper from damage and also resists wear outs. 

The Oxygen-Free Copper core offers less resistance and provides higher transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second). That’s what Cat 7 offers otherwise it wouldn’t be called a Cat 7 Ethernet cable.

Unlike other regular Cat 7 Ethernet cables featuring bandwidth up to 600 MHz (Million cycles per second), Vandesail Cat 7 offers up to 1000 MHz. That’s what makes it different from the rest of the ones and which is why it’s quite pricey as compared to them.

It is ideal for Routers, Modems, Adapters, Hubs, Gaming, PS3, PS4, X-box, patch panels, etc. or other high-end Ethernet applications.

It also characterizes 4 shielded twisted pairs folded by aluminum foil, protection cross-talk, and less signal loss.

I would prefer Vandesail Cat 7 Ethernet cable over other Cat 7. Because unlike regular Cat 7 Ethernet cables, it offers a maximum bandwidth of up to 1000 MHz The item is also returnable on Amazon within 30 days of purchase. 

3. CableGeeker Direct’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 7

I have several computers, and all of them connected to my powerful high-speed router. Not only these cables created a mess for me, but also often-times it became difficult for me to identify which cable from the router goes to which computer on the network.

I had not realized how easy it was to deal with it until I bought this. Because these cables come in 6-pack with different colors, which eventually sorted out the problem. Likewise, I noticed a significant difference in my upload and download speed.

The speed issues can arise If you are using old Ethernet cables for a long time. These days technology changes quickly as networks. That’s why to move with the era, you need to upgrade your network’s physical infrastructure. Thereupon, you will see a notable difference in terms of speed as others have already seen before you.

The locking tip feature of this cable is an edge over other cat cables. Providing a stronger grip over to the respective devices they are connected to.

Similarly, I also like the short length wires as they don’t tangle up with other wires like long wires normally do.

Make sure your buying this cable only for your internet purpose and not to connect to your phone.

Besides, the flat wires work great and the staff was also of good quality. No regrets!!!

The best thing about flat cables is that they are more easy to go then ordinary round cables. For you can hide the cable under carpets or rugs and as well as Mount it on the wall with wire clips as per your requirement. But as these cables are short in length so you might want to keep them open.

Best Cat 6 Ethernet Cable For Gaming

1. AmazonBasics’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 6

4. AmazonBasics's Ethernet Cable - Cat 6

AmazonBasics Cat-6 is one of the most loved cables due to improved quality and high performance. Those who don’t have a high network of bandwidth more than 10 Gbps shouldn’t buy the one listed above. Instead, they should go with AmazonBasics Cat-6, which has been rated quite higher than other cables on Amazon. 

The good news is that the overall price of this Ethernet cable is slightly lower as compared to other ones. However, if you see a little surge in its price, then I would tribute that to the brand – AmazonBasics.

Also, you’ll get a set of 5 Ethernet cables. Again, the high-quality cable features reliability, longer life, and better performance. You can check the current price of Amazon here.

The performance of AmazonBasics Cat-6 relies on the bandwidth of 250 MHz (Million cycles per second). The speed of the internet relies essentially on bandwidth, thus higher the bandwidth, the more is the ability of the cable to provide a high data rate. 

The improved version lowers the loss of signals along with the capacity to provide 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second) within 100 meters. For those wondering, if the wire gets longer than 100 meters, you may expect signals to drop contributing to higher latency.

While plugging-in or plugging-out, the Snag less protects the Ethernet cable from heavy damage.

It features PVC jackets, which are flexible and protective. Also, copper and Gold-plated contact offer resistivity against corrosion and loss of signal.

You should buy AmazonBasics Cat-6 only when you are using older versions like Cat 5 or Cat 5E. Unlike Cat 5e, it is ideal for networks capable of yielding speeds more from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. These cables hopefully would turn out to be as advertised and seem like high-quality material.

2. KabelDirekt’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 6

6. KabelDirekt's Ethernet Cable - Cat 6

Now for the people who don’t want something advanced, rather a regular Ethernet cable for a home solution where the bandwidth is only supported up to 1 Gbps (Gigabits per second).

KabelDirekt produces amazing quality Cat 6 Ethernet cables. If you look at the design, it really seems stunning. The blue-colored Rj45 connector looks awesome with the black wires connecting it. 

Well, the price of KabelDirekt is not higher, unlike other expensive brands. In Ethernet cables, the brand doesn’t matter at all, especially if you are using it for normal purposes like home, etc. where higher speed is not the necessity. You can get a longer Ethernet cable for just a few bucks. You can check the price of it on Amazon here

It’s ideal for Gigabit as well as Fiber networks featuring Computers, Gaming Console, Modems, Routers, Switches, etc. 

The stiffness material helps the cable stay flexible helping you to install easily and effectively. 

The Snag less Rj45 blue connector helps in locking tabs.

The resilient twisted pairs resist any cross-talks, which may occur during transmission resulting in slower internet.

The manufacturers have given 36 months of warranty, so it’s not much of a deal to take a chance for.

You should go with KabelDirekt Ethernet cable because you may be a regular internet user whose internet is limited to 1 Gbps bandwidth. Also, it’s ideal for people who don’t want to spend all of their money buying expensive Ethernet cables when they all are gonna result in the same with their limited network of bandwidth up to 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second).

3. Wise Tiger’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 6

8. Wise Tiger's Ethernet Cable - Cat 6

The Ethernet cables Cat 6 from Wise Tiger are one of the cheapest cables, not in quality rather in price. For all the people who are finding Ethernet cables that work just the same as any other Ethernet cord with a relatively lower price would love to have Wise Tiger’s Ethernet cable. 

You could get 15ft. of Wise Tiger’s Ethernet cord for about 5 bucks or a little more. At this much of price, they are offering a standard Cat 6 cable with performance satisfying the TIA/EIA 568B 2 standards. You can find this product on Amazon here.

The Wise Tiger’s Cat 6 offers bandwidth up to 250 MHz (Millions Cycles Per Second) with a maximum speed of up to 1 Gbps (Gigabits Per Second).

A solid design involving four unshielded twisted pairs (UTP) has been insulated with PE insulation separately, a PVC jacket with a Gold-Plated contact with Rj45 connector.

The molded helps avoid snags, which may tear off the wire ruthlessly.

The Universal 24 AWG Rj45 connector is largely applicable to network devices like Routers, Printers, Switches, Computers, etc.

To avoid cross-talk while transferring data, the protection against EMI/RFI interference helps to quite a large extent. However, it’s not what Cat 8 offers.

You would want to buy Wise Tiger’s Cat 6 Ethernet cable if only you knew that all buyers rated it 5-star on Amazon. And, there wasn’t a single person who rated it below that. Another reason, for those who don’t have a high powered network bandwidth higher than 1 Gbps (Gigabit Per Second) should go with it because they won’t be seeing any difference in speed even though they bought Cat 7 or 8 cords, however, with an exception of people who are still using the old Cat 5 or Cat 5e.


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