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Do you need a hoverboard? Yes, we will help you with the best hoverboards to buy in the market. The hoverboards, which are among the best buying prices for kids. The market is tough, not everyone knows much about hoverboards on amazon but we do. Beginners need to be trained first before they are skilled enough to ride it professionally. There are many hoverboards which have learning mode installed. All of them are recommended for 13-year-old kids. Many companies these days are manufacturing hoverboards, anyone can become choosy. Anyway, we will show you the best hoverboard brands ever. Top hoverboard reviews will help you decide which hoverboard will suit your needs and interests.

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

Swagtron Swagboard Pro is one of the best light weight hoverboards in the world. Your transporter which helps you go anywhere you want where ever you want easily. It comes in awesome colors of black, blue and red.

 The UL certified electric self-balancing mini scooter, which means all safety checks and measures have already been taken into account. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about your child’s safety. Pro is a safe hoverboard indeed.

 It is designed for flat-terrains and plane surfaces. It holds an amazing design with highly advanced hardware and technology. Self-balancing technology has outstanding results as compared to other hoverboards in the market.

Swagboard Pro is the best kids hoverboard because of the capability to maintain an 8 mph top speed along with the 7-12 mile range and weighs up to 220 lbs. Its awesome features include dazzling LED headlights, rubber bumpers, battery power indicator, and riding modes.

Many people these days prefer self-balancing scooters because they don’t have to balance their weights themselves. The unique self-balancing technology helps them ride efficiently. Swagboard Pro is among the top rated hoverboard category because it has the Swagtron Swagboard has a powerful motor of 250 watts with gear stabilization for compact and safer control.

 You shall be delighted to hear that the swagtrons come with Sentryshield protection, which is a sort of battery management system for your self-balancing mini scooter. Furthermore, it will help your battery from overcharging resulting in an effective increase in the efficiency level to avoid replacement costs.

Again, if you want to go down the road, guess what the Downhill traction feature of SwagTron helps you move down the road with better speed bearing a solid grip on the board. You can enjoy more than 7 miles of distance in a single charge.

Substantially, the learning mode is really helpful for the new riders which don’t have skating skills yet. However, the advanced users can ride it on standard mode.

Moreover, even a 10-year-old child can easily ride the hoverboard. The footpads are composed of non-slippery rubber to avoid slipping off the hoverboard. Also, it will help you get a solid grip on the board comfortably.

 The Swagtron has an incombustible material. So your hoverboard is not going to catch fires. Finally, we recommend Swagtron for all age types and groups but the person must be holding an age of 13 year old and above.

We bet that your child is going to love it. Believe it or not it is the best hoverboard for children these days. Just gift your loved ones a mini scooter like this. Swagboard Pro came to the top because it has the most customers reviews. It is one of the best hoverboard for beginners on amazon.

  • 7-12 Miles Range
  • Gold Standard Support
  • Learning Mode
  • Sentry Shield Battery
  • Safe Stop Technology

Chrome Electric Hoverboard

What about a hoverboard with blueish purple colour? Although, many people like standard colours such as black, blue, etc. But let me tell you chrome electric has one of its styles. You will be looking beautiful in a stunning amazing purple colour,

The most important thing to keep in mind would be uL certification, does it sound like it’s never going to blast. Well, it seems like but it doesn’t happen like that. UL certification is a standard for safety checks and measures for a product. Thus, Chrome is safe hoverboard.

Do you enjoy racing with other guys? If yes, then let me assure you that with 350 watts of a powerful motor of Chrome, you will beat other guys in the street. That’s why Chrome is among the best rated hoverboards.

Nightriders are happy with the highly intense LED lights with it. The moon doesn’t have much light to see what’s coming ahead of you. Therefore, just turn on your lights and ride on it like an owl that can fly in the night.

The self-balancing technology you already know is of immense importance as far as hoverboards are concerned. The non-skilled skaters or kids would not be in confident, riding on it. You just need to calibrate it from the start, and you are ready to move on.

With all of these amazing features, Chrome comes with its splendid feature of Bluetooth connectivity. It’s one of the best hoverboard with Bluetooth. Just play music of your choice or read a book instead. You are the master of yourself, we don’t bother how you are going to use it.

The charging time for chrome would be around 3-4 hours with which hanging around time would extend to 7 miles approximately. Top speed an ideal rider would achieve would be around 6 MPH (Miles per Hour). The speed drastically improves riding it with lower body weights. The average weight of the rider must be between 44-180 lbs.

The amazing colors you can choose from are black, blue, rose, pink, purple, red, and gold. Just choose one of your own choices. All the colours are stunning and beautiful, you are going to stand out from the crowd.

All of these features make Chrome the best hoverboard to buy at relative good price.

Don’t waste time thinking too much. Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday party, gift your loved ones with a smart mini hoverboard. Feel free to buy Chrome with confidence. May you and your loved ones enjoy the hoverboards!

  • Gyroscope Technology
  • Self-Balancing Technology
  • NHT Quality
  • UL 2272 Approved

NHT Bluetooth Self Balancing Hoverboard

Are you a lover of Golden colour? If yes, we just have the right thing for you. A golden light weight self-balancing mini scooter. Although, there are other colours, sound the same category, but the colour nht is popular is gold.

Just like other hoverboards, Nht comes with UL certification. Therefore, Nht is a safe hoverboard which means you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety and protection. UL certification ensures that the product does not burst out, spark, catch fire, etc.

Kids love it very much because it is quite easier to balance with this hoverboard. Non-skilled riders or kids don’t have to do much for balancing. Self-balancing technology takes care of it. And let me tell you, it is extremely wonderful. Everyone who buys this hoverboard enjoyed it and their kids love it.

Do you love a walk at night? Well, Nht has LED lights over the board that would give you light in the darkness. But we recommend slower speeds at night.

One of the feature that people love is the hoverboard with Bluetooth connectivity, which is an amazing feature of Nht hoverboard. You can easily connect to portable devices with the sound system Nht holds with awesome high-quality speakers. The journey gets easier when you listen to music while riding the hoverboard.

NH3 comprises a dual 350 watts powerful motor which will let you climb through in incline paths easily. But make sure that your weight is between 44-180 lbs, making rides faster and smooth.

The charging time is between 24 hours with which you can write almost 7 miles across the streets. The top speed you can achieve with I overboard is 6 mph. So make sure you ride it safely.

You can choose from different colours of Carbon fibre grey, pink, blue, green.

Gyroscope Technology helps you control your angle and speed at inclines and disinclines. Nht had the 3rd best hoverboard reviews on amazon, kids enjoy riding the best hoverboard.

  • Gyroscope Technology
  • Self-Balancing Technology
  • NHT Quality
  • UL 2272 Approved

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

What a smart off road hoverboard, I mean just look at it. The Razor is among the top few hoverboards which are the world’s smartest along with unique functionality. Let’s see what’s making people love them.

Razor Hovertrax is utilizing self-balancing technology for auto-calibration for any person, kid or adult. But make sure you calibrate it before using it for the first time. The Razor company has a unique distinction in the global market for creating awesome products which are valuable to the customers.

The UL certification takes care of the safety concerns for your child. An organization which checks electric products catching fires, sparks etc. Feel free to let your kid enjoy rides at almost any place he/she may want.

The sad part of hovertrax is that, unlike other hoverboards, it doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity. In contrast, it offers high speed up to 8 MPH (Miles Per Hour) which is amazing.

The battery lasts for an hour on a single charge. The 350 watts of the motor is a silent perpetual motion letting you attain high speed on solid grounds. The recommended riders may weigh up to 220 lbs, but not more than that.

The colour is black with rubber-pads on it. Rubbers are good material for grips under your shoes. They won’t let you fall off the hoverboard for no reason. We recommend smooth flat surfaces for higher speed and better durability.

A few interesting features include the blue flashing LED lights, which may be used during night rides. The fender bumpers help your hoverboard from hits, which may come all of a sudden. LED power indicators will let you know about the power of batter all the way your ride on it.

There are two modes, one for training and others for normal use. If you are a new rider, make sure to practice on training mode before using it in normal mode.

Therefore, hovertrax are the best hoverboards for beginners. We recommend that if your child’s age is 13 years old and above, you must not feel hesitant about buying it as a gift for your loved one. Hoverboards these days are just one click away from your possession. Kids, youngsters and adults all love it.

Hurry up! Buy before the stock gets closed.

  • Superior Technology
  • Self-Balancing Technology
  • Silent but Powerful
  • UL 2272 Approved

Vecaro Glide-BK Hoverboard

Vecaro Glide-bk is one of people’s favourite because of its smart design and speed it offers. There are some other categories as well like Glide-mbl, Glide-x etc

Glide-bk comes with a high speed of 10 MPH (Miles Per Hour) as compared to speeds of other hoverboards. You just cruise to a friend’s place in no time. The smooth and stable rides have never been so enjoyable. If you are a skilled-rider, drifting around corners would not be a difficult task with its acceleration power.

Glide-Bk would never burn-out or catch fire. I believe the UL certification is enough for your satisfaction. So don’t worry about your kid’s safety, because we do it.

Unfortunately, Glide-bk does not have Bluetooth installed. Glide-x, though, has this amazing feature. Therefore, if you want to connect other devices with it, then my recommendations to you would be the model Glide X.

Glide-bk has two riding modes for new and skilled riders. The battery indicators would indicate about the battery time on it. Also, the LED light would grant you the ability to ride it overnight.

The maximum amount of time it is going to take for a full charge would be around 2 hours approximately. Therefore, you don’t have to charge it or nights. After that, you may ride it for an 11-mile range with a weight of 220 lbs or less.

Plastic material may not be as strong as it should be, but many people found it broken around corners after hitting it too hard enough. Glide-bk, unfortunately, doesn’t have bumpers for protection. Glide-bk may not live long enough until it does get broken and enjoy it to the fullest possible.

There is a carrying case given to you for transporting the vecaro from one place to another easily. The battery is lithium-ion 36v which gives longer time. Besides, battery replacements would be even easier to never let down your riding time.

If you want a cheaper hoverboard which is less durable but offers the same kind of enjoyable rides as others. So, Vecaro Glide-bk might be a good option for you.

  • Up to 11 Mile Range
  • Self-Balancing Technology
  • Two Riding Modes
  • UL 2272 Approved

Swagtron Swagboard Twist T881

What a colour indeed, I think swagtron swagboards have awesome styles relatively. Twist T881 identifies itself with a splendid colour of Garnet Red. You can also purchase it in black and blue, but Garnet Red is a one-world wonder.

As you turn the twist T881 on, the self-balancing features are automatically activated. Wow, isn’t it amazing! Yes definitely, Why wouldn’t a swagtron series fall short of such a wonderful feature?

Not to mention the UL certification, which comes handy over any product you may buy from the market. The United States law, which regulates safety measures on electric products, is manufactured. Strength and resistance have been backed by the ABS polymer.

The 250 watts of twin motor which produces acceleration to an imaginable level. It doesn’t matter whether you hang out in streets or go straight up to an inclined height. But, make sure the inclination is less than 30 degrees otherwise God knows what you would accomplish.

I think 7 MPH of speed is quite enough to enjoy the ride just like other riders do. Moreover, with a single fully charged battery, you can last long enough to travel a distance of 4.8 miles.

The illuminated lights would give your eyes the vision to watch-out when the sun sets in. The battery indicator is of much concern to the battery life left.

Twist T881 fits around a person who is humble and doesn’t want to race up with the other guys in the streets.

The net weight is 23 lbs, which is light enough to carry it anywhere you want. Let’s not forget about the rubber-pads helping you grip the board easily.

The tires offer great friction to the ground for safer and smooth rides. The size is ideal enough to hang you around easily.

Make sure that your weight is less than 220 lbs.

Now, you don’t have to walk any longer. If your feet’s are tired, don’t worry, just take out your Twist T881 and enjoy a relaxing journey.

  • Start-up Self Balance
  • ABS casing
  • Lithium-Free Battery Protection
  • UL 2272 Approved

Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580

The 7th most amazing hoverboard in the count according to the customer reviews. Vibe T580 is light weight carrying 20 lbs of weight. People love vibe T580 because of its stylish design and inbuilt music system.

It simply does not overheat, produce smoke, spark or catch fire because it has been approved by UL 2722 under US government. Parents loved it because their child rarely took about 15 minutes balancing on the board and went for their first ride smiling, “Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!”

It already has an in-built self-balancing technology which helps kids auto balance. Besides, it doesn’t take a while rather 15 minutes if your child is smart enough.

Vibe T580 functions under three modes with different speed for the learner, medium and skilled rider. If you charge the glide-bk for 2 hours, approximately it is going to last for 8 miles of distance for the rider carrying the weight between 44 – 220 lbs or up to 100kg instead.

 The plastic material used in this hoverboard is good but not good enough as compared to other hoverboards which are on top of it. Many people said that after hitting the walls, the hoverboard body cracked and broken. So it is better that people use this hoverboard in open areas like footpaths, plane surfaces, etc.

The size of tires is 6.5’’ composed of rubber to produce friction on the ground for saver and smoother rides. The hoverboard can easily accelerate up to 7.5 mph provided smooth surfaces. The maximum hills incline must be 30 degree or less which is enough for a 200 watts dual motor to lets you climb.

There are three colors black, blue and red. I would say, ‘’All of them are great colors, just pick the one you like”. I personally like the black one. The best part of the vibe T580 features Bluetooth with which you can easily control your hoverboard.

The high-quality speakers’ people use for music with android or iPhone apps make riding vibe T580 exciting. Your will kid will enjoy listening to songs while having a great ride. The led movement indicators are wonderful with multi-level functionality.

We have kept this hoverboard at 7 because It is quite cheaper than other hoverboards and the material used in this hoverboard is good but not as compared to other hoverboards listed above. Finally, you must take a look at the price of it, think of it for a while and jump to cart for shopping. I hope your kid is going to enjoy!!!

  • Built-in Speakers
  • Remotely Control Via App
  • A splash-proof design
  • 3 Modes Ride

Tomoloo hoverboard

Tomoloo is one of the earliest enterprises to manufacture high quality smart self-balancing mini scooters. Tomoloo is popular because of the high-class quality products.

Tomoloo is a light weight classy off-road hoverboard with cool features. Its quality tyre size is known as 6.5″ with a powerful dual motor of 250 watts. You can drift at your perfect speed as you wish. The hoverboard is extremely wonderful for the kids and adults.

Even a single charge is going to last long enough to survive a journey of more than 6 miles. The tires are designed for all kinds of terrains, keeping your ride smooth enough to enjoy riding with a smile.

The best gift Tomoloo offers is LED lights, which illuminate the back and forth relative to the sound produced via hoverboard speakers. It bears a load within the 40-220 lbs range to fully function properly.

Tomoloo is a design worth talking about, offering an adequate place to stand easily on the foot-pads. The rubber on tires is water-proof which would not slow you down on rainy days.

The newly updated tires have lights which switch on and off randomly, providing an amazing look and feel. The waterproof cap protects the charging socket from getting wet during rainy rides. Tomoloo makes sure that their customer’s interest is fulfilled to the maximum level.

The UL certificate takes care of safety. So don’t worry about the fires, sparks, short-circuit s etc. Safe Stop Technology helps your hoverboard stop safely without falling you down. All hoverboards for kids must have a UL certification.

Bluetooth connectivity will help you connect your hoverboard with any portable device Tomoloo feels compatible with. Now, enjoy your ride just like you want.

Moreover, it is a better climber, but make sure your inclination never goes beyond 30 degrees.

The coolest part is the 12 months warranty with 24/7 service for motor, controller and battery. However, the charger only has a warranty of six months.

Finally, Tomoloo is one of the best and cheap hoverboards at the best buying price. All of the things mentioned above are great enough to buy it right now. In short, if you order it, you will get a free hoverboard bag to keep your hoverboard safe when transporting from one place to another. You just need to contact the seller.

We wish you the best of luck with your rides. We are delighted to provide help whenever you want.

  • Water Resistance IPX4 Certification
  • ABS+PC+Flame retardant and fireproof materials
  • Safe Stop Technology
  • Unique Tires

Swagtron Swagboard T6 Off-road

The best off road hoverboard to buy in todays world is from swagboard series. And, T6 is one of them. As we go deep knowing more about the swagboards we find T6 to be an excellent product. T6 can handle a person who weighs up to 420lbs, which is a piece of great news for everyone.

The resistant tires offer a lot of durabilities and are designed to work in all kinds of terrains. Don’t worry, take your hoverboard anywhere you want. Do you want to hit it in bumps? Well, go on and do it. You will see how easily T6 adapts to rough surfaces.

With a single full charge battery, you can take on a journey of 12 miles easily. The speed at max you can travel at would be approximately 12 MPH (Miles Per Hour). Don’t you think it’s great?

The drifting has never been so easy with high speeds. The tires are really big, yes big enough to kill a king-size frog in the mud. I think the size of 10’’ is enough to beat others around your streets. Believe me, you would love to ride it. The tubeless tires offer greater friction to the ground and take away the problem of puncturing in the jungle.

The 300 Watts of dual motor works fast and will let rise to newer heights which are less than 30 degrees.

The T6 is a self-balancing mini scooter, therefore, there are no problems of balancing yourself on the grounds. The technology is there to save you from falling off the skateboard.

The minimum weight recommended is approximately 20kgs or 44lbs.

Another big feature T6 owns is the ability to connect your phone with Bluetooth to play around within a rockstar way.

The colour it comes in is black, desert camo and pink camo. My advice to you would be to go with the colour black because it looks quite decent. And, I recommend the pinkish colour for girls.

Whether it’s Christmas, birthday or any event in your family. You can always feel free to gift this kind of amazing product to your loved ones. Believe me, you would be seeing them much happier to see a hoverboard as a pleasant surprise.

  • Powerful Performance
  • Rugged, All Terrain Tires
  • Durable and Functional Design
  • Convenient Access via the App

EPIKGO Hoverboard

Last but not least, Epikgo is a great self-balancing hoverboard. Epikgo is popular for the mind-blowing features it offers.

The wider footpad space it offers helps you stand with a better grip on the board. The rubber used is of non-slippery material.

Of course, you want your hoverboard to go anywhere you want. Thus, solid rubber water-proof tires help you enjoy rides in almost any terrain.

Many people want a hoverboard which is high in speed and better in performance. Thus, a dual-motor of 400 watts provides the capability to drift and enjoy high-speed rides.

If you have Epikgo let me tell you, you are going to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The tires are not covered.

Your hoverboard is going to last long enough for an hour. The max elevation we recommended for this hoverboard is 18 degrees. You are going to rock around.

Are you afraid of fires and sparks? I know you are brave. but a UL certification makes things easier for you because you want your kids to be safe all the way around. The US government is concerned about the products people use. We are thankful for a government like that.

LED lights will help you watch out in the dark and will provide road help.

I hope that’s enough to be able to buy this kind of beautiful hoverboard. We appreciate your comments are would love to recommend more about hoverboards.

  • 2x more powerful 400W dual motors
  • slopes over 18°
  • All-terrain design
  • Aluminum Alloy Body Frame Assures Durability

Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide – Things to know before buying a hoverboard!

What is a hoverboard?

A hoverboard is an electric mini scooter like a skate-board which lets you ride on top of it. These days hoverboards have become quite popular among kids. Many parents are letting their loved ones buy hoverboards on birthdays, Christmas, etc. youngers, kids and adults, everyone likes them very much. Many hoverboards come with a variety of features such as self-balancing technology, helping them balance with ease. Besides, some hoverboards can go anywhere you want, almost all kinds of terrains. Their tires are designed for all kinds of environment.

Best hoverboards on amazon would be the most outstanding hoverboards in the worlds. Today, we are going to show a list of all hoverboards which are the best hoverboards to buy in 2019. All of them are suitable for beginners.

Let’s have a look at the best hoverboards for kids in 2019. We are here with top 10 hoverboard reviews.

People say, “Which is the best hoverboard.” Follow along, let’s read a guide that will let you know the do’s and don’ts to buy the best hoverboard.

You read it carefully before buying a hoverboard. Because sometimes, a person ends up buying something that doesn’t suit his/her needs.

There are several factors to consider when buying hoverboards. Let us have a look at them.


There are many hoverboard brands in the market. Brands are loved by people around the world. It happens almost everywhere, people love, show and discuss brands. If a brand is famous for a particular product, which means it produces high-quality products. Therefore, before buying a hoverboard for yourself, check out for popular brands which are manufacturing hoverboards in the current market. And only then do buy it.


Of course, you don’t want yourself to get injured. The UL 2272 certification comes handy for people who are concerned about their safety. The UL certification checks the product for issues of catching fires, sparks, battery explosion, etc. Thus for better protection, buy a hoverboard which is UL certified.


The worst thing that can happen to a hoverboard is the early drain to the battery. Hoverboards tend to last from 1 to 3 hours for a single charge. You should consider the battery before buying it. The battery must be of high quality, which survives longer to keep providing you thrills every day.


Drifting the hoverboard is one of the favourite things kids do these days. The speed of the hoverboard must be high enough to handle someone with maximum weight. Otherwise, the hoverboard isn’t going to move far enough.


The hoverboard should come at a relatively better price. Believe me, there are many hoverboards which are of awesome features but with less in price than other hoverboards in the market. Of course, buying an expensive hoverboard will last longer but if you are just buying it for your kid who is going to use it roughly. The best option would be to go with the standard one with the minimum price.

Weight Capacity:

The hoverboard must bear loads ranging from 44lbs to 220lbs approx.

The speed increases and decreases relative to the weight of the person riding the hoverboard. So it would be better if you go with a hoverboard with maximum capacity to lift.


If you want to ride at night, a hoverboard with LED lights would be a better option for you. They will help you enjoy rides overnight.


If you don’t want mud, sand, rocks and water on your face. Then, consider buying a hoverboard with good fenders on tires. They are going to keep your clothes clean.


We help people find solutions to their day to day problems. If you have any question, feel free to share your thought with us. Because we love doing our job!