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Top 9 Best Mens Watches Under 200 2020

All men want to look graceful, stylish and elegant. We have gathered the best men’s watches under 200 for you.

Nowadays a trend is being followed by watching time on gadgets like cellphone, tablets, laptops etc. Some people don’t wear watches but you know style is an attitude.

People with style all wear watches of different style, design and make.

Have a look at what we have chosen for you!

Timex Weekender Chronograph Watch

Timex Weekender is an outstanding, decent watch for men of style.

If you talk about the best watches for men under 200, I would recommend you. Because there are a lot of features Timex Weekender holds for you.

Firstly, Timex is a symbol of quality for producing only watches which are of higher standards.

You will find a 20mm double-layered nylon strap that is going to fit in your hands as suited by you. A person holding a wrist of 8-inches length would be comfortable with it.

Do you keep track of the dates on watches? Okay, the watch comprises of a window at 4’0 clock which would help you keep track of them.

The chronograph on it determines 1/20th seconds every 30 minutes respectively.

The luminous hands of the watch dial will help you keep track of night timing. You can also activate the Indiglo feature by pressing the button on the watch.

The watch is not waterproof; on the other hand, it offers good resistance against water splashes. Moreover, the watch can bear up to 30m or 100 feet of deep water. But it is recommended that you don’t wear either swimming or bathing.

The dark blue colour of the watch looks stunning, unlike the black colour.

You can pull out the crown for adjustment of date and time.

The cost of the watch is not expensive. For instance, if the watch gets smashed, bumped or broken, you can always buy a new brand of your choice.

A new watch, amazing feeling, elegant attitude again!

The leather strap is completely replaceable without much effort.

After you use it for a long time enough, feel free to change its leather strap with a new one of your choice.

Also, on special events of your friends, family or relatives, you can always wear it and get a lot of compliments. To cut things short, you are never going to regret.

Here is for you the worlds one of the best men’s watches for under 200.

Buy it, enjoy it, and get a compliment!

Timex Men’s Expedition Metal Field Watch

An imported Timex men’s metal field watch for an impressive look and attitude.
The watch can scatter in beautiful colours of black, brown and charcoal. Therefore, choose your watch based on your whims, desires and hopes.

We rank second because of its cheaper price and classical out-door design comparatively.
The strap of the watch is a mix of nylon and leather. Generally, better material for your hands.
The case of the watch is a metal which durable and reliable. Besides, a standard material for elegant watchkeepers.
It may be a birthday party, a ceremony or maybe an occasional party. You can always look smarter and decent after wearing it.
The watch features an old analogue display with Quartz movements.
The dial of the watch is Indiglo styled to help you watch time during off-lights and then.
The watch is water-resistant to a level of 50 meters. We don’t recommend to take it underwater such as diving or activities of a similar fashion.
The watch is quite cheap but offers a quality design with a classical style for your swag between friends and family.
As the Timex brand says, a 1-year warranty. I hope now you are in a much safer zone buying it.
So whether you are going on a long drive or want to go for adventures, discover the unique experience with it.
Indiglo Backlight technology helps you watch times during nights and off-lights. It doesn’t soak down all of your battery for lamination during nights. Rather, it uses quite a lesser battery when compared with another watch around.
The top glass of the watch is scratch bearable. You may take it anywhere to you and enjoy the adventures without worrying about anything at all.
We don’t recommend taking the watch against water now and then. The leather strap may get ruin due to rough use. On the other hand, if you go the other way around, the strap is going to last longer.
You can wear this beautiful watch with any kind of clothing. The watch is classic and traditional. We recommend that you check out the 37mm case size of the water before buying it. So that it may fit on your wrist beautifully.
It is one of the best watches that come under the category of $200.
We highly recommend it for people who want a nicer watch but have a low budget or if they don’t want to spend more on watches.
Believe me, you are going to love it!

Timex Men’s Expedition Scout Chronograph Watch

To begin with the watches for men under $200, a watch called Timex Men’s Expedition comes to my mind next.

A super classic design with a strap of leather complements the overall super design of the watch.
There are absolutely 3 chronograph subdials to compute for you some minute differences of the time.
The watch is an adventure inspired produce with Arabic numeral indices.
The 42 mm case of the brass type holds a scratch with less material dial glass. Moreover, the watch is analogue which lets you keep track of time at a single glance.
The strap of the watch is composed of solid leather with a buckle end to fit the different sizes of wrist.
The watch is water-resistant with a sustaining power of about 100m, 330 feet approximately. We don’t recommend you start deep underwater swimming wearing it. However, we assure you that splashes of the watch are no harm to it.
You can choose between Brown and his natural colour. Anything that may fit your needs in a better way?
Timex provides a 1- year warranty on the watch. Therefore, you are in a safer zone. Feel free to buy it and enjoy the awesome design.
Looking at the price of the watch with all of the features it provides arises a sense of satisfaction to your mind.
The straps of the watch are produced in China and the core watch is manufactured in the Philippines.
People who like high-level watches may love it because of the unique features it offers.
After the lights are out or the sun has set in, the luminous backlights would serve all the purposes of the watch.
As the price is quite cheaper, you can always buy it for your kids or friends and family on their special occasion and events.
Do let us know about the compliments people gave you after you wore it! We shall keep on recommending the best watches to you then.
Good Luck!

Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch

A Rugged Metal watch from Timex, you could be wondering why all of the watches are Timex. Well, I’m not fond of exaggerating but Timex is quite famous these days.

As you know we are talking about the men’s best watches under 200, Timex is serving the purpose consequently.
The watch we are talking about now is an out-door gadget. The rugged metal keeps the watch a perfect fit for all sorts of environments.
  The watch is imported with a genuine leather strap which enhances the elegant style of the watch.
The metal case is a strong durable material which deserves the quality of being reliable.
The Analogue display along with the Quartz movement makes this watch a rational player.
The luminous Indiglo dial helps you navigate your time in the dark.
You must push the wind button to activate the luminous light to see in the dark.
The water-resistant watch would help you keep the dashing of water away and would avoid wearing-down of the watch.
The battery life is going to last unless it’s 10 years or less.
An amazing watch for gifting your loved ones with it.
Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or an occasional party, you can wear it in style.
The top glass is a mineral one, which is scratch resistant to keep the watch feel newer always.
You can choose between two beautiful colours of brown and natural colour. Whatever you may choose, the watch is going to suit you.
The watch is surprisingly wonderful. The people who bought it loved it too.
Also, the watch is not too expensive that one can’t buy. You may look like a gentleman wearing it.
We have ranked it because of its imported classical design and the amazing features it offers along with its durability.
Just have a look at the price!

Timex Men’s Expedition Acadia Watch

A watch that is going to blow your mind, the graceful men’s Expedition Acadia.
We came up with Acadia because of its overwhelming enrich features which are startling.

Yes, we are talking about the best watches for men under 200.
Despite being so inexpensive, Timex Acadia offers a variety of substantial features, making the watch a piece of jewel.
Believe me, your kids are going to love it. The watch is inexpensive and your child’s birthday pleasant surprise is going to be heaven on earth.
Timex Acadia is a lightweight with an ideal analogue display attribute being loved traditionally. Because of its plastic material, you would barely be going to feel it on your wrist.
The black dial along with a small window for the date at 3’0 clock makes Timex Acadia a nice choice for personalized men.
The buckle closure on a nylon strap results in a stronger grip to your wrist.
The watch is water-proof with only up to 50 meters of deep water. If you go for recreation such as swimming or snorkelling, better put your watch off for longer sustainability.
On the contrary, the watch is designed for outdoor activities. You may take it anywhere you want, ideal for adventurous environments.
The 40 mm case along with an Indiglo dial will help you watch better in the nights.
Whether it’s a birthday, dinner or an occasional party. On all of the occasion, you may wear it according to your will and desire.
Timex provides up to 10 years of battery time, which is incredible indeed.
The upper mineral glass of the watch is scratch resistant.
If you want to replace the band, just remove the previous band with the tip of the knife blade and fix the new one.
In short, it is the best men’s watch under 200 while keeping the price minimum.
Have a look at the price!

Timex Unisex Weekender

A simple, impressive watch for your graceful style while moving with the market trends.

You will be proud of Timex for creating an amazing unisex weekender. Because it is going to move your eyes off the cell phone and task-bar (on your laptop) searching for the time.
You can deliberately, wear it while taking a shower. Besides, no need to take it off while washing hands now and then. The water-resistant feature sustains up to 30m (100) feet is enough to let go off all kinds of water splashes, otherwise.
On the contrary, we would not recommend you going for swimming or snorkelling wearing it.
But if you want a watch that lasts with swimming and snorkelling, there are better options in the market.
The watch is encircled inside with numerical digits and as well as 24 hours of military time.
The olive colour nylon strap is washable and gets dried soon than you think. Besides that, it is lighter and feels more comfortable than other kinds of stuff. Also, the band can be swapped without any issues, no need for removing spring-bars kind of non-sense.
All the people keeping watch collection at their home would love to have Unisex weekender in store for them.
The case of the watch is 38mm with silver stainless steel.
The beautiful olive colour looks pleasant.
The Indiglo feature of the watch attributes the time watching vision during darks and nights.
The scratch less-resistant glass is again a cool feature Timex offers.
In short, it is a great watch with a lot of features. Don’t mind the price, it is already inexpensive. With the price of that, anyone feels satisfied and comfortable.

Speidel Original Scrub Watch

A brand with super-awesome features to attribute your style to the next level.

The 38mm case of the watch helps you read time with clarity. The white dial with numerical digits on it along with the 24 hours of military time.
All medical college students, workers or people of professions related to doctors or nurses can wear it with confidence. Moreover, it is going to help you out during pulse checking or things where time-critical seconds are involved.
The 3-hand Quartz movements with analogue display help you keep track of time in any instance.
When we talk about durability and comfort, Speidel offers a water-resistant feature up to 30 m. besides, you can take showers or wash hands without having to worry about anything at all.
We recommend keeping the watch dry for long-lasting use while keeping the splendid look of the watch forever.
There are a variety of beautiful colours in the market such as Pink Silicon, Light Pink, White Silicon, Teal Silicon, Blue Silicon etc. you can choose the favourite colour of your choice at the time of purchasing.
The engravable stainless steel cover can be marked with a signature if only you desire.
The watch comfortably fits on a wrist from 6.7” to 8.3” inches.
The best part about the Scrub watch is that you can return it or replace it within 30 days of. Apart from that, the company offers a 2-year warranty for the product. Therefore, absolutely no harm in returning the watch if you don’t like it. The company takes care of these kinds of issues.
The price of the watch is under 200, because we know that you want a standard but at a cheaper price.
In short, whether it’s a birthday party or an occasional dinner, wear it with attitude keeping a smile on your face.
Have a good time on time!

Timex Men’s Easy Reader Watch

A lovely watch in Gold-Tone/White, Silver-Tone/Blue or White colours.

The watch is a Timex product, you know Timex is famous for producing quality watches everywhere.
The watch comes with an easy to read white dial with numerals on it for better reading of the time.
Do you love keeping time? Or hate looking at the time on your mobile gadget. Then we have a demanding enrich feature kind of Timex gadget for you.
You can watch-out your important dates on 3’0 clock. The watch keeps both a day and a date window for you.
The metal Gold-tone case keeps your attractive look and looks more natural.
The Indiglo night vision system helps in watching-out times during nights and darks.
The durable water-resistant feature will help you get up to 30m of water.
Avoiding deep swimming, snorkelling or other kinds of water activities is not recommended. Besides, the watch is metal stuff, you wouldn’t be feeling good taking it along for activities.
Timex offers a 10-year battery life with a watch.
The Indiglo backlight system will keep time watchable for you in the dark.
The Scratch less Mineral glass is the most wonderful feature that keeps your watch looking like a newer one, even after lasting for many years.
Whether a friends birthday, a romantic dinner or a bachelor party, Timex makes your life easy and complimenting.
Be a man of grace and elegance. People around you would dream of your watch around you.
The 35mm case is a reasonable size for people who don’t want a big kind of a thing. Timex knows what people love.
The band material is stainless steel.
If you are comfortable with keeping metal band watches, we recommend it for you.
Keep enjoying the Timex.

Stuhrling Original Mens Watch

“Nothing tells your story like a Stuhrling”, says Stuhrling.

Well that being said, we started jotting down the features Stuhrling had.
Do you want to see all of them? Hey, just keep on reading!
The watch has a simple minimal design that would look amazing on your wrist. Stuhrling doesn’t like keeping the watches in their stores.
The ultra-slim design yields a weightless comfortable watch.
The band is composed of leather along with a mix of some materials.
A date window at 3’0 clock is set providing a less jumbled-up dial to look stylish and elegant.
It’s a multi-occasion watch, versatile enough to be worn on any kind of gathering, occasion or event. All of the compliments are just for you by wearing beautiful Stuhrlings.
People fond of grace, elegance and attitude would love to wear it.
You didn’t put the watch on to watch time? We know you want to be yourself.
100% satisfaction is a vision set by Stuhrling. Likewise, they provide 2 years of warranty for their product from the date you bought it.
Sounds good!
All watches that have Arabic numerals on it look like an old traditional watch. On the other hand, Stuhrling looks handsome without having any digits on it.
Looks like the person wearing it would be a marvellous observer.
The water-resistant depth of the watch is around 165 feet. We would not recommend you going to underwater swimming kind of stuff wearing it with you.
In short, a nice beautiful watch. Do you like it???
If yes, do let us know.


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