3 Best Rear Windshield Wipers Worth Buying (Premium)

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Being able to see clearly through the windshield while driving a car is an important aspect, especially the backward view, through the rear windshield. On top of that, it becomes quite important during inclement weather. Or else, the likelihood of running into an argument with drivers, and perhaps even with the law surges to its peak. And we know that you don’t want to get into that trouble, and nor do we. 

Therefore, we have gathered a collection of one of the best rear windshield wiper blades for your vehicle, which not only helps clear the view of the rear windscreen but also helps one to drive safely through harsh climatic conditions i.e. rainfall or snow. And you would’ve realized that while searching for the rear windshield wipers, you are met with many options. 

After analyzing different ‘Rear’ windshield wipers, our results show that Bosch Rear H307 is a risk-free bet, as long as it fits your vehicle. Many people on Amazon bought this wiper blade for their car’s rear windshield and were happy enough to share their experience. Hence, before considering any other brand, try Bosch’s wiper if it fits your vehicle.

On the flip side, nowadays, a lot more companies are competing to bring in the best wiper blades possible. However, not many of them can produce quality wiper blades. That’s ok, right! So to make things easier for yourself, you should better consider the following.

Bosch Rear Windshield Wiper

The Bosch Rear H307 is one of the most bought rear wiper blades and has earned much respect, perhaps due to one of the respectable companies, Bosch. Inherently, it slides onto your vehicle’s existing arm. You can find it on Amazon here.

The price of it costs 10 grand at least, and that’s probably the price that everybody expects to be minimum when going for a wiper replacement. 

It features a traditional OE fit for the rear windshields of most of cars. Typically, it’s like a steel-framed with a rubber insertion, found pretty much on most of the cars for the past few years. 

The installation is extremely easier than you think, it offers an adapter, which clicks when perfectly placed properly. The box has a quick and easy-to-read installation step on it, so no problem while fitting it yourself.

In addition to that, the natural rubber of high quality is used on the edge of the wiper blade, which offers high wiping performance, and long-life service. The rubber is wear-resistant coming up with the tendency to withstand heat, UV sunlight; Snow, snowfall; etc. 

On top of that, the special graphite coating on the rubber of the wiper helps in providing quite operational ability, in the meantime ensuring smoother contact free of streaks that most ordinary windshield wipers offer. 

TRICO ExactFit Rear Windshield Wiper

Another Amazing ‘Rear’ wiper blade that’s so popular is Trico ExactFit. It’s one of the best options anybody would love recommending, especially when it comes to changing the wiper just like the original equipment fit, form, and function. You can find it on Amazon here.

Trico ExactFit is specifically designed to perfectly fit your vehicle’s arm size regardless of any type and shape. However, one thing often overlooked, if you ever replaced your wipers assembly with anything other than an OE product, then perhaps Trico ExactFit would stumble a bit if luck is not with you. 

To comply with your vehicle’s specifications, Trico ExactFit comes with pre-defined connectors offering hassle-free installation – no need for any additional adapters, unlike other windshield wipers. 

Moreover, these wipers are sturdy as well as durable, featuring the desired wiping performance needed in circumstances where a high amount of accuracy is essential like rainfall, etc. 

The installation process is extremely easy to follow. First off, you need to unsnap the plastic cover where the hinge of the wiper lies. Now using your finger or any tool pull the one end off, then do that for the other end. 

After pulling the whole blade upward, simply rotate the actual blade part until it is perpendicular to the blade arm. When that happens, you wouldn’t probably be able to remove it. 

Finally, reverse the process of what you did for removing. It’s quite simple. Anyways, if that sounds a bit confusing, read the installation instructions on the pack for better understanding or watch a video.  

Like the Bosch Rear wiper, Trico ExactFit was also rated explicitly well with many happy customer reviews on Amazon. With all that said, we can’t take the side of both of them. Now we assume your instinct plays an important role in considering which one would be the best option for you. 

AERO Rear Windshield Wiper

Now the next wiper blade we are going to consider is the AERO premium ‘Rear’ wiper blade. You can search for AERO Rear Wipers on Amazon here, but you if you don’t find one then consider buying Bosch wiper blades.

AERO offers an aerodynamic design which substantially delivers pressure, to avoid wind lift; offers blended rubber, to avoid chattering noise; and micro-precision-cut, offers smooth and clean wiping;

The best part about AERO wipers is that they offer a 6-month warranty, which makes buying wipers from AERO much easier. 

Unlike other conventional wiper blades, AERO wipers specifically designed with durable material work for longer to provide maximum wiping performance where others fail to do, here we are pointing only ordinary ones — locally manufactured wipers.

Also, AERO wiper blades can fit 3 possible types of frames: Roc Lock 2, Rock-Lock-3, and J-Hook. These are mostly the ones you would find pretty much on every vehicle that might come across. So the installation of AERO wipers is, without doubt, more flexible than others, not to mention the ease of the installation process.

Like any high-quality wiper blade, AERO comes with a unique Teflon coating particularly to encapsulate the smooth, clean and noise-free delivery of ultimate wiping performance in doubtful climate conditions. 

The best part is “you get what you pay for”, even within 6 months of use, literally no streaks would appear. However, if you continue to use it without a new replacement within the recommended time slot, which is 6 months, you could see some signs of streaks, but those will be relatively lower than ordinary wipers. And that’s worth it as the recommended time for any windshield wiper is 6 months. You can still use them for longer as long as they work worthwhile. 


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