Best wireless keyboard for mac (Ergonomic) – 2020

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Best wireless keyboard for mac

Today, you will find one of the best wireless Apple keyboards that your Mac deserves. Not all of them are refurbished, as a matter of fact, they all are stunning and beautiful. So it’s up to you what you like. We have written reviews of people who bought it indirectly. Your responsibility is to read them and buy according to your needs and desires.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (Wireless, Rechargable) (US English) - Silver

I expect that Apple has listened to her customers who bring business. I had been using other keyboards. For instance, Logitech k750 and Kanex Multisync keyboard. Since Apple didn’t include the 10 key; It resulted in a loss. After that, until the last week, when I heard about it, I bought it. It’s a non-heavy, lighter keyboard, which is almost 1lbs. Most importantly, unlike other ordinary mouses, the magic mouse doesn’t have any wake-sleep issues. Another good reason to buy this is the internal battery charges from the lightning port resting on the backside, which is awesome as any iPhone has it. As compared to what other companies have tried this kind of keyboard, they look flimsy, while, this magic mouse gives a solid look and feel. In fact, it feels original. unlike other aftermarket products, this will have all functions needed. let’s discuss the things I didn’t like, Apple took longer to produce it. Second, the price was high, though this didn’t surprise and wouldn’t any Apple user. third, the only color scheme that’s available in the aluminum white, I wish they had other colors as lots of Apple customers are Mac-book users. Above all, I’m gratified with my purchase and would love buying more as required. 

Truly incredible! I was amazed to see the longer battery life. I charged it once 100% for the first time. Even though I had been using it for almost 5 weeks and took it on my trip as well, the battery still is 67%. with a rough estimate, I should be charging it 4 times per week. Apart from when I’m in an Airpod, I never used my Mac wired keyboard mini. It exactly looks at the Mac wired keyboard.

Apple Magic Keyboard (Wireless, Rechargeable) (US English)

I have plenty of keyboards for lots of Mac computers. The Magic trackpad, which is the latest one, can be coupled with it quite easily.  

What I assume is that it’s one of the best Apple Keyboards. 

Several things which I wouldn’t mind to mention: 

1. The outer box of the packaging was not tightly packed or you can say not wrapped confined to it as well as the plastic bag around the keyboard inside the packaging wasn’t satisfactory. “Had somebody opened it before or used it?”, I thought. 

So I gave 5 stars for the keyboard but only 1 star for amazon. 

Things I liked: 

1. First & Foremost, the keyboard is working superb and issues were absent. 

2. The thing I didn’t like was related to the discussion we did earlier. In other words, I don’t like having to buy those products, which have been bought by someone before. Afterward, sell it to other people. 

As opposed to BMP 13″, I really love the complete size of the keyboard. I bought it because I needed it to use my IPad Pro. The Bluetooth connectivity is used to pair with the device. For the Battery Timing, which was 85% when  I bought it, dropped to only 1% or you can say 84%. I used it for two days in a few hours a day. I realized that I noticed this keyboard at Apple’s employee by looking at the images. The reason for buying, apple was $10 expensive, while others were affordable. Apple products do not wear out too easily, normally it takes me 3 years or so to make products look older.

Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple is popular for producing ‘Chiclet’ tailored stuff. People who like this style will love Magic Keyboard. For my Macbook Air, it was all I needed. It works all day and keeps charge all for a longer time. 

The keyboard has been revamped outstandingly. All of the functions work properly. Besides, the price of the product is a lot lesser than the other ones. 

When someone uses it for a longer period, the wrist doesn’t hurt. One thing more, I like the time of the charging time of the keyboard.

Due to the shape of the keyboard, the clattering with the desk never happens. It’s an amazing feature, isn’t it? The keyboard gets coupled with my Mac easily. additionally, the battery life lasts longer. The thing I don’t like: It is quite difficult to locate the Home key. That’s terrible, as often times the mistype happens. 

It’s a remarkable keyboard but I wish it had leggies. So that you can angle it at the desired level. It’s quite flat you know. It works extremely superb and looks exclusive.

It’s an impressive keyboard that has added great value after renovation. It is similar to the newer one, however, a small scratch. The keyboard works great and the battery life lasts longer. 

Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard 2

I have a Mac and Pc, therefore, I wanted to connect both of them. That’s the reason I bought it for. Connecting and disconnecting is easier. I also like how it feels (I mean to say the touch). In fact, It’s perfect for my she-like hands. The depth of the key is not too deep, though I hit them harder. The charge lasts longer, I found it dead once after two months of work. In the end, I will suggest you not to buy this if you are a data entry kind of person.

Why shouldn’t one save some money and buy a renovative item? it saves you money along with the protection plan. I almost felt like using a desktop when I plugged-n into the Samsung curved monitor. Not only this, I love love to play with my MacBook with it. Let’s say you charged for 2 minutes: It will provide you 2 hours of charge seemingly. Well, you can have it charged-up for months if you charge it for a few hours. It really doesn’t feel good when you have to plug-n the mouse for charging from behind the back. That’s the wind up in the pitch. Despite having a wriggle on the plate, I found it easier to sing. Above all, it’s a refurbished product thought felt like the new one.

If you bought this mouse, believe me, you won’t be disappointed. As opposed to my older keyboard for Mac Desktop, The Magic keyboard is a bit low profile (it simply means the size of the mouse is smaller). and it’s great right? My hands do not feel stressed at all. Moreover, I am able to move around my fingers quite easily. 

When I actually received it, I was kind of lie astonished to see the brown packaging instead of the Apple original. But, when I went back to my purchase, I saw the word ‘Refurbished’. What a silly mistake I made. okay, let’s move on. I saw some scratches on both of them. Still, I love them as when I searched the brand new Magic Mouse & Keyboard from Apple, I literally saved almost half of my bucks. Another reason, they have a long capacity to hold a charge as well as function flawlessly. I definitely recommend you to buy this from the seller.


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