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VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse

I wanted a mouse which was a kind of extended one to comfortably relax my little and ring finger, as well as that, which has outstanding precision. 

Therefore, I got this. Apparently, the pointer would flicker on the screen, I couldn’t find out why. But later on, I saw a protective film underneath the mouse, removing which resulted in a smoother pointer precision. I’m happy because after having to change 6 various mouses within 3 months, finally, I got one that suits best. I’m quite satisfied with this one. 

Lastly, I’d say that never be a fool like me to use it without removing the protective foil. 

This mouse was for my girlfriend who does browsing or text-writing, unlike me. I’m a gamer who needs more out of it. So, a gamer wouldn’t be happy with this mouse. It’s been a year now, nothing happened with this mouse. If you are to work normally like many office guys. It would perhaps be a better choice for you. One negative to say would be regarding the compact size, having a bigger hand wouldn’t be feeling comfortable on it. 

Over the past history of using various wireless mouses, I find no match with this one. As I have a mid-size hand so finding a mouse that is neither big nor too small may be a challenging task. That said, this mouse is suitable to my hands, my fingers especially the pinky one is adjusted perfectly and comfortably. 

The maximum weight of the mouse is felt under my palm where the battery resides. I realize that it may be heavier than wireless mouses. From my perspective, It’s a great thing as a lot of lightweight mouses seem to be of cheap quality.

Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

I’m very well happy and satisfied with this Logitech mouse. One reason to say is it has backward and forward buttons that let you move back & forth across the websites with single clicks unlike the casual way of moving the cursor past the site for that purpose. Another reason is compatibility with the Mac which for I think is a plus edge. Upon unpacking, I set the cells properly and plugged in the wireless USB connector to my Pc. Pc responded in immediate recognition. In addition to that, I had to visit the Logitech’s website to download software to help my back and forth buttons go fully functional. I’d definitely recommend this product to those people who have been using a Mac mouse as well as those who want a back and forth button. 

One more product from the Logitech to which I have given 5 out of 5 stars. 

The sides of the mouse are rubbers for smoother grip as well as buttons to move back and forth easily. This mouse is a bit slimmer as well as long so those who have average or small hands would consider the length and shape of the mouse before finally purchasing it. In the past, I had used the Logitechs mouse which lasted for five years even though it had been used extensively and had borne enough. Then, another mouse I purchased wasn’t a brand that’s why It didn’t even last 365 days. What a silly mistake I did only to save a few dollars. Nonetheless, now I’d no longer be considering anything other than Logitec. 

It had been more than a month for I was happier with Computer mouse purchases I had made. I wouldn’t be overemphasizing to you what happened. So, accidentally I spilled the ice water on the mouse. Fortunately, my laptop was saved due to the higher place I kept it on. However, the mouse had gone through a tsunami. I flushed the water out of it and kept it aside to dry for several days. Then, I put the new cells in and turned the mouse on. Guess what? it seemed as if nothing had ever happened to it. I’d buy Logitech for all the time. Thank you so much, Logitech. 

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Previously, I’d only spend $40 to mouses and I was a kind of afraid to spend $70. Then, on my birthday I got an amazon gift card so I bought Magic Mouse. It was a kind of peculiar thing to me as I wouldn’t ‘Right-Click’. I had been using Personal Computer for over 20 years before buying the Mac in recent years. Hence, for the first 3 weeks, I kept on thinking that it could be one of those crooked things I had to be familiar with. Then, fortunately, something clicked my mind and I googled it. I founded that it really had the ‘Right-Click’ functionality which would show-up only after you change the system preference to the mouse. 

After having to buy a few Bluetooth mouses, I finally purchased the Apple one. Let me tell you exactly why It costs too much. First, as opposed to other mouses that don’t keep hold of the charge long enough, this one got something special as it holds the charge longer. For instance, I had been using it for 3 weeks, 8 hours a day and the charging is still 48%. Second, the scroll wheels do not sound like others typically do. This one is smooth without any noise. Besides, you can even scroll to left or right and/or top or bottom without having to use the scroll-bar present inside the application. and It doesn’t even get dirty after a short while unlike other ordinary mouses usually do. 

First, unlike the original magic mouse, it contains an attached rechargeable battery which from my experience lasts longer than AA batteries. Second, the cover of the original magic mouse battery is apt to get loose, perhaps it may be frivolous but it bothered me. Anyways, one last thing is that you can charge it with a lightning cable. Usually, you’d need a recharge while operating the Pc. So, it makes things easier.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

An amazing product, previously, I had been using those conventional mouses. with them, I experienced some wrist pains. Therefore, I decided why not to got with the vertical mouse technology. Definitely, when I searched for the mouses, the Evoluent company showed-up. They were the first market capturers with vertical mouses having backed by the Univerity of California. The tracking ability of these mouses was similar to those of the optical mouse of Microsoft utilized in the earlier 90s. The Evoluent is less toil to the wrist and so does the Anker. 

Anker is a perfect size as my hands nicely fit on. that’s why I love having to use it. In addition to that, rubber has been used to provide smoother grips on hands. 

The distance between the hand wrist and table in using a traditional mouse is around 0 degrees. often this looks weird and of course, would eventually end up in wrist pain. However, this provides approx 65 degrees of height which is prevention against these sorts of discomforts. 

When it comes to the usability attribute, This one is a winner. Yes, I am talking about Anker. Like Logitech mouses, you can go backward and forward using the buttons through thumb while left and right fingers are used for Left & Right Click respectively. 

Finally, the last words for this one would be on traction capability. This one is an awesome piece of product that has better traction on almost any kind of material except for the glass. 

So my recommendation would be to go for Anker. Get rid of all wrist pains and strains. 

AmazonBasics Wireless Computer Mouse

According to my point of view, I would not be recommending it for regular Pc (Desktop). However, I recommend this mouse to laptop users. There are several reasons why I said that. First and foremost, let’s come to some positive points of the mouse that may sound a bit intuitive to you. First, I haven’t found any issues with the optical readability, almost on any standard surface you wouldn’t be facing any problems. Second, not to mention that I am an IT professional (one who works or has a job in an Informational Technology firm) who has to deal with PCs pretty much every day. And yet I haven’t found a single issue of drivers with any of them. Third, and of course, the last good point concerns the containment of the ‘USB Receiver’ within the battery’s section. In this case, you won’t be losing this out. Enough bragging! 

Now let’s talk about the negative aspects of the ones I feel as a pitfall to this product. First, if in any case, your mouse drops to the floor made up of concrete or something like that, the outer rubber’s surface is ruined easily. Another reason is perhaps the range of the mouse is quite short. It may go past the desk but will not be going far enough. 

This mouse is fairly inexpensive as well as reliable. It provides lots of rich features as Microsoft Mouse does. In the past, whenever I changed my mouse to other than MS one, I had to go back to Ms one. However, after buying it from the sale, It’s working extremely fine. To talk about the wireless connectivity, let me tell you, ‘It is flawless’. The buttons on it are neither soft nor too hard, not to mention, the clicks are fantastic. Another advantage, you would get would be the rubber on it that absorbs oil from the hands. one last thing, the battery of the mouse would last for one month with constant use without turning it off. It’s still working. 

Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse

Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse

Logitech is a company that is famous for many kinds of products and as well as ergonomic mouses in particular. As opposed to my M510 I used earlier, this one’s got a size that’s a bit concise or you can say smaller. Anticipation I had with this was something different, unlike other mouses. Hence, this one proved to be felt wonderful as compared to M305 and M505. 

I would rather have preferred full rubbers on either side, which provides grip, than what this one has. Besides that, the smooth and sensitive scroll wheel enables you to scroll both ways (i.e. Vertical & Horizontal), and the buttons are nothing but a gentle touch. In the tracking zone, this one doesn’t lack behind just like other pro mouses. It works super fine almost on every surface. Although many people would keep the receiver attached to their PCs forever, you can use the compartment under your batteries cover to save the most important receiver so that it may not be lost. One thing I noticed that there were no forward or backward buttons on it, though I knew it before ordering. the last thing to say, the battery was included. However, not the Duracell that typically comes with Logitech items. 

This one really deserves to be a legendary next-in-line to the predecessor M325. I felt the response time higher specifically when I was running 4k. In such cases, the resolution is higher so the accuracy is needed at this level of higher resolution. In addition to that, It perfectly lays down under the hands. I didn’t face any problem with the tracking ability as it was smoother on pads and desktop wood, many people are complaining about it, though. One thing that I found changed as compared with the predecessor that the reset button wasn’t available anywhere on it. I think there’s no need for it, perhaps.

Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse

The experience of using it was just like a hush!!! What a silent useability. When I opened the package, I was rather astonished to see it. It had a gentle smoothy touch. I can only hope that it works fine with the cells.

It’s been a year or so that I have been using this product, and still nothing has happened to it in any manner. One good advantage that I found was it would go asleep when not in use. In such a case, you would only need to click and it immediately shows the sign of life. This is an awesome feature as your Cat’s or desk’s sudden jolts won’t be affecting your PC. For the price of that really less, it’s a good mouse to own. Though I was not happy rather it was sad to know that it had a wheel that worked only vertically. Therefore, be conscious of it that it is not a ball you are going to play with on either side, just one way I discussed earlier.

This is really a genuine piece of product in the world of wireless mouses. It would enable me to manage my software even though I am 12′ away. Let me tell you this is not a tiny little mouse that has a smooth touch, but rather it’s a complete mouse that is tightly packed. Not to mention, the compartment or space it provides underneath for transmitter is useful for safety aside with battery. The battery isn’t included, though. I would definitely recommend it.

I don’t have time to write reviews on amazon, Although, all of my orders are assisted from the reviews people write. I was in a meeting and found people had shifted to wireless mouses from wire ones. So I purchased this because I found varying color options it aswell comes with and spotted it. with that, when I received the box, I happened to be a gust of my thoughts. It was so ergonomically soft that neither felt hard nor too soft. Therefore, I’m happy with the purchase and would recommend it.


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