MediaBridge Ethernet Cable Review – Worth It?

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When it comes to ethernet cables, there isn’t anything you need to know about brands. This is because, in ethernet cables, the brand doesn’t matter. Branded products are more reliable and trustworthy.

But, when there are so many brands producing high-quality products, all of them with good customer ratings, then it becomes quite difficult to figure out or distinguish the best among them.

Therefore, in that case, you shouldn’t confuse yourself, and just pick one of them without being choosy enough. In the case of ethernet cables, one should do the same.

Today, we are going to discuss “MediaBridge Ethernet Cables”. In this article, you’ll find out how it is to buy MediaBridge Cables.

We’ll also focus on customer reviews to the extent that you would be able to figure out whether or not one should go with MediaBridge’s ethernet cables or not? Therefore, stay tuned and we’ll discuss these ethernet cables in a moment.

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Collection of Ethernet Cables Loved By People

1. MediaBridge’s Ethernet Cable – Cat 7

Mediabridge’s Cat 7 is the best option to consider if you are thinking of ethernet from this company. People who are upgrading to newer wires with enhanced capability or already have upgraded to higher bandwidth networks would require high specs ethernet cords.

MediaBridge’s Ethernet Cable - Cat 7

Generally, if the bandwidth goes beyond 550MHz or 10 Gigabits Per Second, then you’d probably want to upgrade from Cat 6 to Cat 7. 

Why should I Buy It?

You should buy it because out of the lot who bought it, more than 80% were happier rating it 5 stars.

Moreover, though brands do not matter in ethernet cables, MediaBridge is popular in manufacturing ethernet cords. You check the availability on Amazon here.


  • MediaBridge’s ethernet cable provides a speed up to 10 Gigabits and on top of that a bandwidth of 1000 MHz, which is one of the fastest in Cat 7 ethernet cables.
  • It is backward compatible with previous versions like Fast Ethernet, Gigabits, and 10 Gigabits Networks.
  • In addition to other factors, the enhancements in cross-talk led to the invention of Cat 7 ethernet cables as well. In MediaBridge’s ethernet cables, interference is minimized via Mylar-backed Aluminum foil, which folds the twisted pairs known as Shielded Twisted Pairs (STP), while a 70% of Aluminum Braid shields the entire bundle of twisted pairs. As a result, signal interference is highly minimized. 
  • The cable is LSZH tested, a standard for fire safety characterizing low corrosion, toxicity, and smoke. 
  • The Snagless design restrains pull up to 20lb, ensuring damage that may occur via removing or inserting.

Therefore, if you are upgrading to a newer network or enhancing your bandwidth, you should better go with MediaBridge’s ethernet cable.

MediaBridge Ethernet Cable – Cat 6

This ethernet cable is one of the best sellers on Amazon with quite an impressive rating, nearly 4.7 out of 5. Of course, this may be because of the quality factor, but I attribute it to the length of the wire – 100 ft at a reasonable price.

MediaBridge Ethernet Cable - Cat 6

Consequently, it was sold probably more, and became part of the best seller. 

Will it work for me?

Of course, it will work for you! When it has helped so many people establish a reliable connection, then it will work for you too.

If you have a network connection that is limited to 10 Gigabit of speed with a bandwidth of not more than 550 MHz, then yes this is the right option to go after.

You can find it on Amazon here.


  • It supports both Cat 6 and Cat 5e. Well, because these ethernet cables are backward compatible.
  • It is 10 times faster than Cat 5e supported. Not to mention, the bandwidth is also a factor to consider – 550 Mhz (Million Cycles Per Second). Bandwidth depends on the frequency of the signals, therefore, if you want to know more then read ……..
  • It features a PVC jacket, compliant to TIA/EIA 568B.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 application standards.
  • This cable is ideal for transfer data between Servers, Cloud-Computing, Online Streaming and much more. 
  • To prevent the cross-talk, PE Cross-Insulation has been used, which prevents the interference of signals.

How the Customers Reviewed it and what they said?

It’s a great ethernet cable for connecting Hub networks. It’s a sort of network of computers connected in Hub topology, which is the physical infrastructure for the layout to connect computers.

The same person also said that it’s great to troubleshoot. Moreover, the wireless connection drop signal, so if you have a large house, then hiding this connected cable would result in better connections. 

These were a few words from the customers I talked to above. Therefore, you should go for this option if you are looking for the qualities discussed above. 

Where Will I Find it?

You can easily find Mediabridge’s ethernet cable on Amazon here 100 ft, and for 50 ft here.

MediaBridge’s Cat 6 Ethernet Cable – Bulk Wire

Until now, we were discussing ethernet cables, which are usually required by individual users in Home, Office, etc. they are meant for a single consumer who has a single connection.

MediaBridge’s Cat 6 Ethernet Cable - Bulk Wire

But, this one is for people who have a large network in place and need the bulk of ethernet cables to fulfill their requirements.

Therefore, instead of buying those expensive single ethernet cables, which usually come up to 100 ft of length, go for a bulk of 500 ft of wire. It usually saves some bucks if you purchase a 5-Pack of 100 ft ethernet cables. 

Where Will I Find it?

You can check the availability of wires on Amazon here.


  • It features the bandwidth of 550 MHz with speed up to 10 Gigabit, which is a Cat 6 standard specification.
  • The cable has been printed with feet like 100 ft < 102 ft < 104 ft, etc. for easy cutting purposes. 
  • It comes in a Snagless Box, which helps in dispensing, measuring, cutting and storing.

MediaBridge’s Cat 7 Ethernet Cable – Bulk Wire

An upgraded version to Cat 5e, Cat 6 Wires are much faster and better in terms of reliability as well as bandwidth. Therefore, people who are interested in buying the bulk of wires, particularly MediaBridge’s ethernet cables should consider it. 

MediaBridge’s Cat 7 Ethernet Cable - Bulk Wire

Where Will I Find it?

You can check the availability of wires on Amazon here.


  • It provides universal connectivity to almost many networking devices like Routers, Switches, Printers, etc.
  • It supports up to 600 MHz of bandwidth with a speed of 10 Gigabits per second. 
  • It has been Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket (LSZH) certified. So low smokes, erosion, and toxicity.
  • To avoid cross-talk, Al/Mylar wrapping has been done.

Although this is Cat 7 and much better than Cat 6, we recommend going for the Cat 6 bulk wires discussed before. Why? Because Cat 6 Bulk Wire in MediaBridge’s profile has got excellent higher customer satisfaction.

Note: You need to have RJ-45 Connectors as well as a Crimping Tool to use these Ethernet Cords.

Lastly, it’s totally up to you now.



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