Should I Buy Michelin Windshield Wipers? (Definitive Guide)

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I was just wondering about the windshield wiper blades, and when I thought of Michelin, I was extremely startled to see the top positive review of customer on Amazon:

It seems like the Michelin’s blade has been made with a high quality material. These wipers really clean very well on the windshield. No streaking at all; moreover, the blades maintain an equal amount of pressure on the glass. To point out, you must hear the latch sound, which means you installed it successfully.

Note: A customer said like that, not exactly, since the words are mine.

Oftentimes you hear that don’t wait for your windshield wipers to break, you must change it as soon as you know they have been worn-out now. This is because a worn-out wiper wouldn’t be able to clean out as effectively and efficiently as the one that’s in good condition. And not only that, you might end up having streaks or roughly rubbed surface on your vehicle windshield.

Nowadays, wipers are not too expensive, generally, they are a little less expensive than the pocket money you give to your kid, so why not buy new wipers when they are available at a relatively lower cost than other stuff of the automotive industry.

If you are not aware, Michelin, a company famous for tire manufacturing, secured the position of world’s second-largest firm after the Japanese “Bridgestone.” Michelin has been around for about 130 years now, and produces high-quality products including Windshield Wipers.

So, today we are going to talk about different kinds of Michelin windshield wipers. First, we’ll check out the amazing features offered, then we’ll have a close look at Michelin products carefully.

So the primary question, Why are you considering the Michelin to be part of your vehicle’s windshield?

The answer might be simple, I already used them and they worked perfectly, so I want them again. Or I’m fed up with other brands and want to try Michelin’s now.

Whatever reason you might be having, I’m really delighted to have you here with me to discuss the Michelin reviews.

1. Michelin 8026 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology

The reason being this wiper blade on top of the list is because many people who bought it were satisfied. Although its a great product from Michelin, some people complaint about fitting issues. therefore, we suggest you to first figure out the size before purchasing.

Michelin 8526 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology

Michelin’s Stealth hybrid windshield is designed for your vehicles with a lot of features. It has also been reviewed positively. 


  • The smart flex design allows a smooth contact of wipers with the windshield of your vehicle which provides a clear view of the windshield impressively.
  • The coolest feature is the design of a durable sleek aerodynamic cover that smartly protects blades from clogging snow, ice or dust.
  • Your car can have different sizes of wipers considering drivers, passengers or rear. As all brackets fit the same wiper, therefore, make sure you hook the accurate one to avoid wrong fixing for the first time.

The packaging comes with many brackets, which are fittings for many vehicles. So you need to figure out what works best for you. There are a lot of instructions in the manual, however, the procedure is pretty straight forward and also not hard to understand. Make sure you confirm the bracket which works for you. 

You may or may not need to remove the bracket that comes pre-attached with it. Look at the arm in the manual similar to the one of yours. Take off the older blade and snap in the newer one. Oftentimes, you need to pinch in strongly to fully fix it. that wouldn’t take a while. 

Most of the time, It wouldn’t take a while. It can hardly take 10 to 15 minutes. You can, though, get it done fast if you are a pro and have worked with similar things in the past. 

  • In addition to those advantages, these wipers will assist you if you are tired of vibration and noises coming out of your old wipers. These wipers are not only quiet and smooth, but also clean water with no streaks. The adjustable suspension helps achieve this level of perfection, which automatically fits the curve or surface of your vehicle windshield helping you get a smooth look. From now, say no to rubbing and vibrating sounds. 

You should not waste time buying cheaper $5 kinds of stuff. Instead, you should always buy stuff that is branded. People who used cheaper things had to change them every month or the other. Most importantly, they regret what they had been doing previously. Therefore, spend on things that not only benefit you but also stay with you for a longer time. Since changing things every now and then makes life annoying and frustrating. 

Survived Harsh Weathers of Indiana:

Lastly, these wipers have survived the harsh weather of Indiana for 4 years. If that looks impressive to you. Then, I think you are in the right place with the right stuff. Follow along with the link for prices.

2. Michelin 8516 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology

It’s ranked no. 2 because it’s the one sold more times than any other wiper blade product from Michelin. It’s also among the one having many positive reviews. However, most of the people who negatively reviewed, complained about unsuitability in the winter season. Therefore, people who live in a country or place where there’s no season of snow or have less snow. It’s the product you should go after.

Michelin 8526 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade With Smart Technology

As you know already that Michelin has made her place among the world’s top leading companies to produce windshield wiper blades for most of the vehicles around the globe. Without wasting time, let’s look at some of the feature it offers

  • Although there are many brands out there in the market offering high-quality windshield wiper blades, Michelin’s wipers are remarkable than ordinary OEM blades, and many people loved these for their usability.
  • These wiper blades come with an incredible hinge joint which provides a better grip to and across your vehicle’s windshield. The smartly designed hinges protect your vehicle’s windshield against snow, ice or debris, etc. from clogging onto the blades. This feature is helpful as you won’t only find less of these clogged on the windshield, but will also keep your windshield area nice, neat and dandy. However, some people found the snow-clogged. 
  • The blade ends hold independent suspensions that let your vehicle’s windshield grip smoothly against the wiper blades. It ensures a tighter clasp with the end blades of the wiper. These wipers have no chattering. You won’t be hearing horrible sounds like others do while waving off the windscreen of your car. A guy who has been using them for one year found absolutely no issues with it. Therefore, we can say that these wipers are really durable and reliable. 
  • The EZ-Look connector system has been integrated for instant replacement. It has been designed for easy installation. After you buy these, you need to figure out how these wipers are installed on your vehicle. Before going for that, you need to remove the old ones. Thereafter, for your convenience, all step-by-step installation videos are available online. Besides, you will find the description on the packaging, which states all step by step processes to fully replace these with old ones. If that doesn’t help, you can always go for the former method: Videos, where you will find the exact way you need to know for the replacement of windshield wipers. 

Review on Clogged Snow:

Once you see that the Plastic blades have gathered a lot of ice. What you wanna do is get a key or a small digging tool to remove it. Not to mention, doing it will help wipers work as they are designed and so that you get better results. That’s all you have to do and you are good to go. 

Range sizes may vary depending upon the size of your car’s windshield. So you need to figure out the size that fits your vehicle, only then you would be able to buy these. I think that was all you needed to know. Now, all you have to do is, find the size you need, and dive in to buy before the stock gets close.

Oops! Our recommendation ended for Michelin

but nothing to worry. For any reason, if you still don’t like the above two wipers and wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks extra. The world’s best wipers are in the house for you:

1. Bosch Aerotwin

2. Bosch Automotive ICON

3. Rain-X

4. PIAA Super Silicone

Lastly, for knowledge base purpose, we have gathered all the other kinds of wipers available in the market. But, we don’t recommend them as happily as the two of them we did in the first place.

Points to Consider Before Going Further

  • Like many other products, there is no wiper blade from Michelin, which has not been given any negative review. With a few exceptions, the blades not bought by anyone have neither positive nor negative reviews. We’ll talk about them below in the list in a movement.
  • After considering positive reviews, ratings and as well as negative reviews, we have come to a conclusion of ordering Michelin windshield wipers in an order of performance. So that, people who are interested in buying Michelin would probably go for the best option.
  • Lastly, after reading all of this, if you are stimulated and hopeful that you’ll get a good user experience from Michelin, then go for it. However, if you are not interested and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, we would recommend you the best windshield wiper blades, which luckily are from well known brands like Bosch, Trico, etc. 

Let’s now go deep into the different products of Michein’s wipers and see which one would work best for you. We have ranked them in ascending order, so the best ones in our eyes would be the one in the top 3. Also, we’ll rank wipers, which have not been bought by anyone either, but going after them involves a considerable amount of risk.

Therefore, read the reviews carefully, and be very careful before making a purchase.

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3. Michelin 9512 Rear Windshield Wiper Blade

The Michelin 9512 is a rear wiper blade for your car. People whose rear wiper has been worn-out or doesn’t clean too well, especially on the edges might find this wiper blade a solution to their problem. Again, more than 60% of people after buying it were happier.

Michelin 9512 Rear Windshield Wiper Blade
  • The Michelin claims to have it tested for over 500,000. I think that’s fairly enough since you would only need it if only you were living in a state such as Washington or Oregon of the US. 
  • These wipers have been designed with polymer material, which is heavy-duty stuff that mostly provides long-lasting durability. 
  • For different style connections, different adaptors have been added to the package, since everyone has his/her own vehicle requirement. And the method of changing the wiper blades is fairly simple mainly because a lot of videos are out there on youtube for figuring it out. 

People who bought it found it better than OEM wiper blades they had been using earlier when they saw the performance of these blades. That’s primarily because, unlike ordinary blades that produce horrible noises, this one offers a smooth, flawless windshield without leaving the streaks.

You can find it on Amazon here.

4. Michelin 14522 Cyclone Premium Hybrid 26″ Wiper Blade With Smart-Flex Technology

The reason for it being here is because a lot of people complained about the missing adapter, which led to the unworkable scenarios. Although, many people were still happier with it, at least more than 60% on Amazon here.

Michelin 14522 Cyclone Premium Hybrid 22" Wiper Blade With Smart-Flex Technology

Michelin’s Cyclone Premium is a classy windshield wiper with awesome design and quality.

What are the features offered by Cyclone Premium: 

  • The durable soft covers combine a great deal of flexibility in providing the ultimate resistance against clogging of snow, ice or crumbs, etc. handling the clean windshield while you drive. 
  • The Smart Flex design with a multi pressure point surface helps maintain close contact with the windshield entirely, giving you smooth wipes and a clear view. This feature helps in scraping the dirt off the windshield leaving no streaks at all. 
  • Like all of the previously discussed Wiper blades, these wiper blades are meant to be used for all kinds of weather like rain, snow, ice, sleet or whatever, etc. Therefore, you can enjoy any kind of journey with these restless wiper blades.
  • Before installing these blades in your vehicles make sure you know what kind of adaptor you need to use. Also, you’ll be given a lot of adaptors that fit most of the cars around. The stuff that comes with the packaging needs some sort of connecting tools to connect your vehicle. It takes absolutely no time when you wish to replace these with your old ones. The estimated time is 5 min if you are really good at fixing or may take longer for a layman. but, you know the process is fairly simple and easy. 
  • You would literally enjoy it if you had them. Why? Because these wipers don’t make any noise and are quite smooth. all this is from hybrid blade technology providing you the standard contact of wiper blades to your windscreen. Frankly, who wouldn’t love that kind of stuff? You already know that noise coming out of wipers looks awkward. I mean it doesn’t look professional. Anyone who sits in your car may predict that you don’t keep your car healthy. 
  • The blades range: 16” to 28”, which could fit into almost any vehicle. Before going for any blades, you need to check and confirm the size of the blade you need to have for your vehicle. The reason we are saying vehicle and not a car; these wipers fit many kinds of vehicles including cars, vans or trucks. Therefore, the car doesn’t look nice as people love trucks more than cars only if you live in the US. Anyways, back to the point, make sure to check the size chart before buying these wipers. so that you don’t purchase what you don’t need.

Before buying, we’d have to tell you that only 1 blade comes in a pack. so if both wipers need to be replaced, you’d probably need two of them. Don’t look at the price. Of course, you can get both wipers from your local dealer at a relatively cheaper price. Always remember, brands are more reliable and always are at an edge in manufacturing products. In fact, you will never be able to find any match with local ones. 

5. Michelin 3714 RainForce All Weather Performance Windshield Wiper Blade

Like many other models of Michelin, RainForce is so smooth that it doesn’t produce any sound at all. It’s what the company says, but some people found it doing nonsense activities like cheap wiper arm breaking off while installing, etc. let’s look at some of the features offered by it.

Michelin 3714 RainForce All Weather Performance Windshield Wiper Blade
  • It not only cleans efficiently but also glides across all the windshield without leaving any unwiped spots. Well, all the credit goes to the Compression-Moulded natural rubber, which has been glazed with M-Guard formula. Now for those wondering, it assists in lustrous, hushed, and long-lasting performance.
  • Nowadays, with no surprise, I can say that all the wiper blades come with plug-n-play style attachment. Similarly, Michelin designed wiper blades are fashioned with an EZ-Lok connector. For those who don’t know, This amazing feature of Michelin helps in easy replacement. Without a doubt, I can say, “Nearly all Michelin wiper blades have them.”
  • Furthermore, for long-lasting durability coupled with reliability, heavy-duty steel has been considered. This makes things go even longer than most people expect. When things last-longer, people feel proud of their purchases.
  • Most importantly, you’ll notice a flawless and protective contact of the rubber of the wipers against your windshield. In other words, finding lump or chink will nearly be impossible. This is not a feature available in any local or ordinary wiper blades. 
  • The point often overlooked by most people is that they don’t check out the size their vehicle requires before making a purchase. Not to mention, sometimes you need two different sizes of wipers for drivers, passengers or rear windshield. Therefore, you need to ensure that as well. In addition to that, the sizes from 11’ to 28’ are available. With this in mind, figure out first.

For people who are sick of their wiper blades; In other words, I’m talking about those wiper blades which are incapable of cleaning curved areas or edges of the windshield. Although this may not be true for many of the guys, some have that problem. Under these circumstances, you should hurry in buying these wiper blades. All I can say is that most people didn’t regret having this purchase. 

You can find it on Amazon here.

Watch How to replace Michelin RainForce windshield wipers

6. Michelin 14622 Radius Premium Beam

A thing not too impressive, more than 50% people are happier with it on Amazon here. Some of them found cheap broken adapters, a piece to connect the wiper to the vehicle’s windshield, horrible execution, smearing, and stuff like that, etc. You can find it on Amazon here.

Michelin 14622 Radius Premium Beam windshield wiper blade

Let’s look at some of the features offered by this crap, at least what some people think. 

  • Michelin 14622 Radius Premium is a curved design windshield wiper blade offering all features which are required by the buyers. The curved-style does something interesting, the frameless beams help push even pressure on the blades, ensuring streak-free cleaning. Best of all, it seemed like the original OEM wipers.
  • Finding smooth and calm cleaning and leaving no after marks, unlike others.
  • The Aero-dynamic built-in spoilers help the wiper blades remain in contact with your vehicle’s windshield, while you are driving in harsh weather conditions like heavy snow or rain-fall.

There are some negative reviews as well as some positive reviews. This is typical with any popular wiper you would find because sometimes people bought what they didn’t require or the size wouldn’t fit or they weren’t able to figure out the installation process wisely. Although this may be true, most people, at least half of the people clicked the 5-star rating on Amazon, so be very sure what you are buying before making a purchase. Cheers!

Lastly, We think that you wouldn’t be disappointed if you bought the right wipers for your vehicles. So before going for any, just check-out the size, we hope that you wouldn’t be disappointed. 


We help people find solutions to their day to day problems. If you have any question, feel free to share your thought with us. Because we love doing our job!