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Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Although many people said that, ‘It’s no different than the 1st generation.’ That’s certainly not true. Informally, This has been evaluated to be quicker than the previous one. If you are fond of keeping wireless, then better is that for you to choose 2 Airpod. It is more likely that you’ll save some bucks. In conclusion, I’d say that if you are a new user, only then you should buy these. Otherwise, having the 1st generation Airpod is much better than this one.

I would definitely not recommend it to you because I realized that the first-gen is better.

If you only want the system to adjust volume, make a call or listen to a song, just say, ‘Hey Siri’, the automatic assistance will be opened.

These Airpods are amazing as they pause the sound as you take it off the year and as well as it will play the song as you keep it to the years.

Even a 15 minutes charge will simulate or activate the listening capability of almost 3 hours. This deliverable actual provides the ability to work for 5 hours after a single recharge.

I bought this for my son who wanted these but wasn’t able to get it because his parents thought that it would be a squander of money. However, I bought them for him. I’m grateful because he loved it.

These are wonderful because as you open them, they are readily useable. What I can say is that it’s all about your own comfort. However, the price of this much would not provide you standard sound quality.

Apple AirPods Pro

One of the awesome features, which is the Transparency mode, saving your life while you are busy listening to the music. 

The Active noise cancellation feature of it simply cuts you off from the world you are in. You will be listening to the outside world no longer. It also has the Bluetooth 5.0 that really amazing for connectivity. 

All the time I waited was worth a while! The moment I opened the box, I simply fell in love with it. I’m quite pleased with apple for manufacturing such products. These fit my years absolutely perfect, as I was not happy with the original ones, they usually came-off my ears oftentimes. I’m always the lover of the apple. 

These earphones are literally appropriate and are glossy. 

As opposed to the Bose 700 noise removal feature, this one got something special. I mean it flattered my mind! Look how amazing these are actually. Before I was struggling with the original earphone that couldn’t apt on my years and neither of those wireless earphones did much even for the looks. I’m satisfied with the sound quality it really has. The noise cancellation to the transparency feature is literally marvelous. 

If you are in search of those earphones which should sound louder than you should not rather buy it. The best of two features I liked was resistance against water as well as the reduction of noise, they are mind-blowing. 

Another great feature is the “Volume Control”. of course, you will be able to control the noise. It’s a kind of long-press button that only appears when your earphones are connected to the iPhone. Nevertheless, you cannot control the volume directly from the earphones.

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Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (Latest Model)

Not to mention, the battery life is well worth it. I took them to my Gymnasium (Gym), my intellect was shattered into pieces. I think this would be mean as it really helped my mind enjoy perhaps. 

It would be better if you would go with the wireless charger. You won’t be retreating after that for sure. 

I believe that there isn’t any appreciable difference when comparing the generation 1 with generation 2. Therefore, I wouldn’t be buying the new ones unless a discount perhaps I may find or otherwise. 

My son has literally no issues with it. He seems to be so happy with the usability of ‘Hey Siri’ and aswell as the says that they do not slips off his ears even though he runs with the dog. In addition to that, he loved th sound quality. 

No No No! I would whole-heartedly suggest you buy these as these are faster than the older version. Especially, the sportsman who are fond of moving about. they will definitely like the Hey Siri. 

These Airpods work exactly the same as described. Moreover, It works superbly. 

I canceled the order because the package had the white-box. In fact, I want a refund. 

I’ll certainly be saving my wife’s life. She’s fond of keeping earphones throuhg-out night. Essentially, these will not be tangled-up. 

The only problem that I have with my old Jabra Elite Active is that of the discomfort that may arise due to wearing them all day. The only thing that I wanted from it was the water-resistivity. Furthermore, the sound quality due to adjustable EQ is extremely good. Lastly, I have used either of the two’s, therefore, my favorite is both of them.

Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case – White (Renewed)

I really loves them as they were of outstanding quality not to mention the superb condition. 

These are eminent and another one thing I want to appreciate it: they were delivered steadily. 

What a perfect piece. It works without any issues and my wife love it. 

Though I like them, one thing that aches me is the feature of changing volume with Siri or Alex. I really do not want to change it with the phone. 

Since I was a wired earphone straggler, I appreciate that I own them. I configured it so that I can play songs. The received a call that was handled well. In addition, I altered the notifications sounds as it would otherwise be a discomfort to my eardrums. 

It works well and was delivered right speedily than anticipated. Moreover, instructions written on it were on the original packaging. 

I had had Air kind of pods before. Therefore, this was as I reckoned it. While I was in a function and It stopped working i.e. it wouldn’t sync. In this situation, you need to place it back in the pod and shake it well. Leaving that aside, All is excellent. 

I’m literally satisfied with it on my kids Birthday. 

I found one difference i.e. The Apple Air Pods are of model: A2301 whereas, the charging case model: A1620. Until now, I’m happy with it, If anything happens to it, I’ll definitely change the review.

The product was delivered what I was assuming. Although there is a point I would like to highlight, It seems to have done a re-make rather than manufacturing the new. Anyways, I’m happy with them as these were delivered before I anticipated.  

Apple EarPods in-Ear Earbuds with Remote

Apple EarPods in-Ear Earbuds with Remote

The Apple Earbuds, I had been using it for 2 weeks now, still sturdy and tough. These are good quality, despite receiving it inside a box, it came to me in a small bag. Above all, however, it seemed similar to original Airpods that originally comes with the iPhone.

I have found these Earphones as the best Earbuds. Besides, it looks like the iPhone 8 headset.

Yes! it works just as the real ones actually do.

This looks like the latest and works like a shine.

It was a great buy, just like those that I used earlier. These functions like the original ones do, even though, these are renovated.

It doesn’t look too scruffy. they work the way, same as any earbuds do. Therefore, you shouldn’t be expecting anything special.

The cat my daughter owns thought of chewing it. Anyways, these were wonderful and looked as though the newer ones.

one thing I found problematic i.e. It’s near to difficult to disconnect the Siri. also, the noise cancellation doesn’t even work at all.

Another thing someone highlighted was that it won’t be compatible with the iPhone 6. However, these can work with iPhone 6s and 8. despite it look like the original, they broke.

I received the item but it was not a workable condition. you can say rather defective.

I ordered two of them, but unfortunately, both didn’t work. Now, I’m without headphones.

With twice uses, mine one was broken. I wasn’t able to use it as it was Bluetooth compatibility. and, I didn’t like that.

I’m not clear about the fact that these are renovated and revamp. Nevertheless, I can buy a new one.

Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

The reason why I bought this was that I actually lost my original Airpod charging case. This was an amazing replacement as it charges fastly as well as is able to connect quite easily. What a genuine replacement not in the sense that it is original, just to say that It is perfect.

A great case for the money indeed. To tell about my story, I had my charging case with the Earbuds in one of my pants. Unfortunately, while I was at a laundry, the pants got washed accidentally. As an upshot, my charging case expired, literally stopped working but, fortunately, my earbuds still worked. I was amazed to see that. The newer case, henceforth, was needed to buy for my rescued buds. I didn’t have any better expectations with the newer charging case, though it worked great. and just like the original charging case, it got coupled with the iPhone in a few seconds.

It is great as though the genuine OEN, the newer charging case was the same as the branded one, however, with an additional feature of charging wirelessly.

It really works well with my apple pods, not to mention, I have two of them.

I highly recommend it to those who have lost their original charging case or need another one.

Do not buy the foolish knock-off kind of charging case, as I did only to save my money. Instead, you should go for the Apple one with extra money spent. so that you won’t regret afterward. I would only charge my Airpods, and wouldn’t pair proficiently with my iPhone. that was really distress to me. consequently, after a week, the charging case finally decided to couple with my iPhone. Nonetheless, you’ll be surprised to know that my iPhone had actually identified my charging case as my Airpod. Therefore, I couldn’t play music or anything on the iPhone. At last, the lesson I learned from this was that you should never buy a cheap product when Apple is available. I was lucky enough to buy it from the sale.


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